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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

and it's chill to hear them talk

Li'l ~j. often tries to encourage (bribe, manipulate, que-ever) her sisters by offering them things: "Curly, if you help me, I'll give you a dollar," or, "Superstar, want a treat?" The problem is that Li'l ~j. doesn't have these treasures in her possession, ever, when she makes these promises.

In this morning's prayer over breakfast, Curly asked a blessing on everyone except Li'l ~j. (maybe on purpose, maybe not), to which Li'l ~j. said in a li'l sing-song tone, "Curly? I won't take you to China...". Papi said, "*Ahem*Li'l ~j.? Don't say that to her." And Li'l ~j. said, "Uhhhhhhh, I AM taking her to China."


"Mommy, I just really don't like what it means to be patient. And that's why I'm a little bit sad and a little bit cranky." ~Curly


Li'l ~j., upon learning that we're going to a party:
"I feel like my blooder is going to explode!"
me: "Your what?"
"My blooder. It's a part of my body where the pee comes out."

Today's Yay: Li'l ~j. goes back to school.
Today's Boo: Courteney Cox.


Lyle said...

Looks like Li'l ~j is ready for the used car saleswoman role.

dalene said...

I want to go to China.

What's the scoop on Courtney?

~j. said...

She was on the Ellen show the other day (I have that on my DVR and usually watch it at night so I can fast forward through the commercials), and she just strikes me as a complete rag. I mean, ZERO personality. And not even trying -- like it's SUCH an inconvenience for her to be there to promote her new show where she strives to look half her age. And Ellen said, as she should have, when talking about CC's baby Coco, "So, will you have another one?" And CC's reply was, "Wow, uh, Ellen, you really get right to it, don't you?", but not in a joking way; in a rudeRUDE way, and I was just annoyed with her (and she never answered the question, which, by the way, Courteney, NOBODY CARES!). You poor, POOR millionaire who's all famous and can get whatever she wants, including NOT HAVING TO GO ON ANY SHOW TO PROMOTE YOUR NEW SHOW, so QUIT WHINING about your privileged life.

So there.

kiki said...

I would think that if I looked as good as CC did in "Dirt" last night that I would be content and pleasant. Funny how people deal with things differently.

Carina said...

The rumor is that it took years and invasive treatments to get Coco and that further attempts at baby 2 have been unsuccessful. I may have been rude if asked about my infertility at the wrong time as well.

On the other hand: China! That sounds like fun! Like a snow party, but better!

~j. said...

Yeah, she did look great, I just wish she'd embrace her age better (how it seemed to me). And as far as being defensive...that's one reason why they have publicists, isn't it? To decide ahead of time what they will and will not discuss? I think lots of people wanted to know about that (which is why the question was asked), but if it was so taboo that should have been known ahead of time; since it seemed not to be, I just think she could have been more graceful and less RUDE about it. And everything else.

Yes, CHINA. Would you believe that Li'l ~j. is going to serve her mission in China? And then another in Australia? That's what she keeps saying. Good on her.

wendysue said...

Oh Courtney. . .I mean, remember what happened to Bek at that airport. . .like that was REALLY an accident, right?

Anonymous said...

what happened to bek at the airport?

i just think it's funny that people can forget their roots... ie: natalie merchant... she's from the same place as ~j and i and she has this crazy european accent. lucille ball... again, from the same place, yet, she ragged on the town. but when she was scheduled to come back, there was a huge gala in her honor... then she died and aforementioned gala never happened.
... and then courteney cox... she was nothing but a boy dancing in the dark with bruce springsteen when she started.

i'm going to go empty my blooder now.

kiki said...

I think a lot of the forgetting where you come from has to do with the memories you have of the place. Take Natalie Merchant, for example; she was kind of a misfit, strange personality. She was a choir nerd. Where she came from probably gave her nothing but loathing, so she most certainly wanted to leave that place behind in every sense. (I say all of this because I once saw her "Behind the Music" episode five years ago.)

Madonna: hates Michagan. gained quasi-British accent. I mean, it's so logical!

Geo said...

Well, hey, look at me. I grew up in the Deep South but now I have a Utah accent. Does that make me prententious, or just a lemming?

Curly and I have the same attitude toward patience.

Haley Warner said...

Whatever, Courteney Cox Arquette. So, you ready for the next round of swim lessons at the rec?

Tori :) said...

I was gonna ask about Courtney Cox also, but all my questions have been answered. Thank you. :)

~j. said...

wendy - I vaguely remember the bek/arquette incident...I don't remember the details, though. I think it involved a luggage cart?

kiki - when I was in student government at UVSC, I knew a woman who went to high school with Madonna in Michigan; she had her yearbook to prove it. Madonna was friends with this lady's older brother, and OH the stories. As far as NM... I was a choir nerd, too, in fact, I studied with some of the same teachers that she studied with (Jack Sternisha comes to mind, although I think Natalie's main inspiration was Jack's wife Marcella). LOTS of people in that town were/are mad at her (Natalie) for ragging on the place. OH the drama.

geo - not pretentious, nor a lemming. I can hear southern in your voice a bit. At least, I think I can.

haley - swimming, YES! I haven't signed up yet, though...have you? Which time slot?

The thing about CC is just a celebrity pet peeve of mine...not about the are-you-gonna-have-another-baby thing, that was just an example (as is CC; Ben Affleck also falls in this category in my mind). They should know that a measure of their success, especially when promoting a new project that needs the publicity, is appealing to the people, and I don't think it should put them out too much to seem nice. They may actually be divas to the highest extreme, but would it kill them to ACT nice? Acting is their job after all, is it not? If a talk show host asks them a question they don't want to answer, they could be vague and skirt around the issue and still seem kind (happens all the time) rather than create some awkwardness. It's a lack of grace in my opinion.

dalene said...

Lack of grace. Absolutely perfect way to put it. And you're right. It's certainly not unique to CC or the few others you mentioned.

La Yen said...

I Tivoed the Dirt show and W watched it before I could and banned it from the house. So you KNOW it's bad, because he knows all sorts of dirty things that I can't persuade him to tell me about at all.

And you tell about the dogs--I just can't.

And my favorite Lil ~J ism is when she was waving goodbye to all of the carousel animals. She Said a little adios to each, calling them by name, ending with "Bye Goo Goo! Bye Dave!"

LuckyRedHen said...

My blooder needs an emptying too.

Left-Handed said...

One day Curly and Superstar will wise up and trips to China just won't be enough anymore. Yeah, I can't get my little sister to go get me things anymore by telling her that I will count to see how fast she does it. But I still try and she looks at me like, "Hello! I'm not d-u-m."