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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

pop culture meme assigned by tori...with some added by yours truly...

FAVORITE SONG INTRO: "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder. You may have heard this lately on an ad for "Happy Feet", or while you're walking around Build-A-Bear Workshop (as I have). I just love it. It's so funky. Honorable Mention:"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" by Van Halen.

FAVORITE MOVIE QUOTE: Oh, man...I don't know where to begin. Most anything that comes out of my mouth and sounds remotely clever came from a movie or a song lyric. My first thought is: "How do you suppose he rides a bike?" from The Breakfast Club. But there are so, so very many others....
Mystery Men: "Junk it!"
Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?: "What'd the devil give you for your soul, Tommy?" "Well, he taught me how to play this here guitar reeeeal good." and: "We thought... you was... a toad!"
Better Off Dead: "Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky."
Reality Bites: "Melrose Place is a really good show."
Elf: "Smiling's my favorite!"

FAVORITE '80'S SONG: Oh, MAN. That's a tough one. Bette Davis Eyes. Love Is A Battlefield. In A Big Country. Livin' On A Prayer. The Humpty Dance. Iko Iko. So, so many more...

FAVORITE MUSICAL CHARACTER: Miss Adelaide from Guys & Dolls. I played that part once, and I loved it so much. It was a blast. I'd love to do it again sometime.

FAVORITE HAIR BAND: Does Van Halen count? I really like those guys. I saw them in concert in...was it...1995? Collective Soul opened for them.

FAVORITE REALITY SERIES: The Amazing Race. I always think I could be successful at it with my brother as my teammate. My husband disagrees; he thinks I'd screw it up. In truth, my brother would do better with my husband as a teammate. My husband and I agree that we, as a married couple, should NOT attempt this race together.

WORST CELEBRITY NICKNAME EVER: Rapper-Dancer Kevin Federline.

FAVORITE TV SHOW THEME SONG: Those Were the Days, the theme to "All In the Family". Do songs get any better than that? A close second place is the theme to "In Living Color". Remember that show? No, not the band In Living Colour...the show with the Wayanses and one James Carrey. Honorable Mention to the theme from Family Ties because of the "sha-la-la-la".

SHOWS ON YOUR DVR QUEUE: The Daily Show, The Amazing Race, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, The Soup, Best Week Ever, The View, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wife Swap, Family Guy

IF YOU NEED SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT: Consider yourself tagged.


Carina said...

J and I agree: if we want to get divorced, we should totally go on the Amazing Race. Our marriage would be over by Detour Number Two.

I don't think I would ever get on AR because I know where the atomic bomb went off. Also: I know how to pronounce "KEEEV"


Tori :) said...

The Humpty Dance- YES!! "1st you limp to the side like your leg was broken. Shaken and twitchin' kinda like you was smokin'..." :) LOL at your Breakfast Club quote. That's a good one.

dalene said...

I would flunk this meme because I don't even own a DVR. I don't even have cable.

But do I love most excellent movie quotes. (Only a few of my favorites have been banned--because they are from The Princess Bride.) I'm with you on The Breakfast Club and Oh, Brother.... I also love to quote So I Married An Ax Murderer: "Come, let's dance like children of the night" and You've Got Mail: "She could be a real dog!" and "Quel Nightmare!"

If I had a DVR queue I would have on it The Office and Monk.

Happy Thanksgiving! (That's also from You've Got Mail, in case you didn't know.)

La Yen said...

I'll say. I'm going to go start a paper route right now!

sue-donym said...

Thanks ~j. You have just cost me a fortune in downloaded songs.

I decided to go through all my albums, yes you heard right, albums, to find my favorite 80's songs. I reminisced my entire high school life and now I will be downloading all my old favorites. Some of those I hadn't thought about or heard for YEARS.

Thanks for the memories. Blog to follow...

dalene said...

Oh, I almost forgot that one. Favorite 80s song: "Rebel Yell." I completely heart Billy Idol.

(My most Molly roommate used to introduce me to her family and friends as her punk roommate. Need I say more?)

~j. said...

azu'car - THANK YOU! Keeev. Puh-lease.

tori - LOOPDID.

cw - I forgot that I also have Monk on my queue. We love it, corny as it is.

yen - my face is red; i stand corrected. I didn't think of that one, which should ABSOLUTELY be on the list since I say it atleast four times a day. Also, "Can I have your watch when you are dead?"

sue - yay! Fun to get the records out. My dad still uses his record player, and he made me a tape (yes, like a mix tape) of Abbey Road from his record player. I love all the scratchy sound on it.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Good one Yen.

I am not one to quote movies but we couldn't sleep last night because we were laughing about this line from In Good Company:
"So. How was everybody's weekend?Fun?"
Laughing right now.
I love that movie.

sue-donym said...

~j. David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

liz said...

oh Better Off Dead- how could you only pick ONE line!? I love that movie and memorized every single line. Good pick.

*hi-five* for Wife Swap. No one else I know watched this show. It's simply the best comedy out there.

~j. said...

Sammy. Though I did have a rather trashy poster of, SO trashy...

sue-donym said...

Oooh, I wish you still had it. Does it count that I have his album. So sexy. :/