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Sunday, October 22, 2006


I feel I need to say THANK YOU

~to lucky, kiki, compulsive, lo down, tif-fay-fay, geo, melody, and azucar for letting me not have to think of what to cook for a week.

~to that salesgirl for reminding me why i never shop at Motherhood Maternity, even for a nusing bra: When am I due? Eleven days ago, you twit.

~to Lansinoh. *sigh*

~to Elder Ballard for telling me that he trusts my inspiration.

~to the stake leaders for pointing out what I've thought all along but haven't dared/had the courage to point out: that personal progress is PERSONAL, and the ONLY people who should be working on it are the girl, her mother, and her father. THAT'S IT.

~to my Aunt Minnie for saying that the boy looks like me: I've always had trouble seeing myself in any of my kids, but since she said that, from my own baby pictures, I can see it, and I like it.

~to Li'l ~j. for giving me opportunities to answer questions that have plagued generations, such as: Mommy, what's the opposite of shark?

(The answer, of course, is: bunny.)


Sister Pottymouth said...

Shark...bunny. Hmmm. Yeah, I think I see the connection. Just wait until your son asks you what sound a chair makes. Or why that man bent down in his driveway 10 minutes ago. Fun times ahead.

Carina said...

I thought B. Spears had pizza delivered.

You, my friend, are worth at least a week full of meals (at least.)

Lil ~J is like your freakin twin, the older she grows, the more she looks like you.

sue-donym said...

I was just noticing today that Mocoface looks like you. I see you in all your kids.
Today Curly saw the deacons during Sacrament mtg and said "WATER!" "HEY WHERE YOU GOING?!" So cute.
I am so glad you have awesome friends so that you don't have to think. I want some.

dalene said...

Yes, he so does look like you. I thought so too.

You both are too cute!

dalene said...

(Well, actually, I think your kids are all darling. I just noticed the resemblance the most with the baby.)

Bek said...


I have NEVER seen a baby that is only hours old look so much like his/her sibings. Never. And...they all look like you (C looks more like her daddy then the others but she still has an awful lot of you in her...).


kiki said...


~j. said...

kiki - Yes, there was some confusion, as the pizza was delivered from Louisiana, but the name that the poor delivery boy had was "B. Spears". To which I explained that, clearly, I am Britney Spears: See how hot I am? And that I just had a baby? And doesn't this mint green muu-muu make me look even hotter than usual? How could I not be B. Spears?

Turns out, that's who sent the pizza.

Poor, poor delivery boy.

Lucky, lucky white trash me.

What sound does a chair make?

You know, Shuge, Li'l ~j. LOVES the idea that she and I are the same, and I love that she loves it.

sue - my friends are your friends. Too bad I miss out on all the church antics. If only I would just choose the right...

cw -- thank you. I know that you had pointed it out as well...I should show you my baby pictures.

bek - I agree, he looks immediately like his sisters: I have a photo of when he was only about 15 minutes old I should email it to you, it's CRAZY how much he looks like them. PS -- I want to play with Nori's hair.

Emily said...

Thanks for the link to Elder Ballard's talk. I was asleep on the couch for that one, with my 4 day old baby. It is fabulous to be reminded to simplify in our callings, love people, don't overdo it, seek balance, and eliminate GUILT. I loved it.

May you not need Lansinoh much longer. That is my wish for you, from someone for whom the memory of sore nipples is all too fresh.

cabesh said...

So glad the PP thing finally came out....I fought that battle at EVERY meeting for 1.5 years there.:)

~j. said...

emily -- thank you so much. I hope your wish comes true.

cabesh -- the counsel has been given...the response has yet to be seen, at least here. It drives me CRAZY.

La Yen said...

Is Aunt Minnie my fovorite one? The one who lives in the desert? With the camels?

And the opposite of Skeletor is a Snork.

La Yen said...

favorite one.

~j. said...

Nah, Aunt Minnie lives near Hotlanta.

I tend to disagree; I would wager that the opposite of Skeletor is Gobo Fraggle.

La Yen said...

Then what is the opposite of a Snork? And who is Boober's opposite? Moss-Man?

~j. said...

I would say that Boober's opposite is Man-Ray from SpongeBob. Snorks...hmm...I'll have to think about that one...


La Yen said...

Or Kokopeli. Ask Red Ku'ulei. She knows about that Injun hocum.

Carina said...

The opposite of Snork is Freddy Krueger.

dalene said...

~j I am coming sometime to pick up my dishes, which I didn't meant to leave (I'm big on going disposable, but then the little tins seemed much too small for an entire family--so I upgraded to the glass).

In any case, I DO want to see the baby pictures!

LuckyRedHen said...

My pleeshure. It's not everyday you get dinner delivered from the other end of the county on a Harley ridden by a braggin' biker babe ;o) Besides, my family got to eat too, thanks to your need.

Geo said...

Thanks for lettin me. I am still going to deliver your giftie and pick up my jar. Sorry-have been holed up with work.

Glad I could witness the shark moment too. I thought it was profound!