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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

some thoughts while enjoying cafe rio at home

Dear Yolanda,

I know we've never met, and probably never will, but I testify that your Lime Pie is Key. Thank you for sharing it with gringas like myself. I love to get it free when I take the survey.


Dear Beehive,

I have to say that I'm disappointed that you still read my blog. I know that it's out there for anyone and everyone to see, but I remember last fall when your mom asked you to not get on the blogs anymore and you promised that you wouldn't. I hope you're still close with your mom. I hope you do what she asks you to do. And I hope you won't tell people that my friend is pregnant -- she is not.


Dear Provo,

Is anyone interested in starting up a Fleetwood Mac cover band? I don't know if I can commit to joining, but I'd certainly be your biggest fan.


Dear Dave, Carter, LeRoi, Steffan, and Boyd,

I know we have a long history, you five and myself; twelve years is a long time, even if I only see you when you come in to town. You will be here next week, but I have a confession: I'm tired. Really tired. I don't know that the drive is worth it - it's my favorite local venue, don't get me wrong, but, man, it's a drive. Plus, let's be honest: your last show wasn't as great as it maybe could have been. I remember; and I listen to it on the three CDs. (Well, maybe just the one.) Any way, please don't break up with me if I don't show up next week. I know you can, and probably will, have a better show than last time, but...truth be told, if I don't buy a ticket, that means I can use that money for Li'l ~j.'s school lunches for all of next month, and that is tempting to me. Very, very tempting. How's about next time, when I'm not so tired? It's not you, it's me. Let's still be friends. (Especially you, Steffan...)



C. Jane Kendrick said...

Dear j5t,
I love you lots.

Anonymous said...

dear cjane;
i love her more

Carina said...

Tiff-fay-fay described to me the TWO HOUR drive to see Def Leppard/Journey last week--creeping along the road at 5 mph. I think we made the right decision to be on a break with the guys.

I heart key lime pie...

Bek said...


You always make me laugh. When you do these letters it intrigues me so much...I want to know the background info. Who isn't pregnant? Where are you NOT going for a little Hysteria? Now I have something interesting to think about as I clean my house (or NOT clean my house as the case may be).

Lyle said...

Fleetwood Mac cover band would surely be a Landslide.

Stirring up a hornet's nest....those beehives!

I'm sure the fab five will understand

In the meantime, I will have to settle for Rosas, whereas we has no Cafe Rio in these here parts. (not the same Rosas that was by Provo High)

Carina said...

Over My Head is my favorite song today.