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Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Impossible, Sir. It's in Johnson's underwear."

From 9th grade:

~j. -
I can't believe our 1 year in high-school is over. Oh well! Your really funny. Hope your in some of my classes next year. Have a great summer.

It was fun sitting by you on the ski bus and listening to "Stuart" 50 times. I hope you have a great summer and pass your finals even though you do rag on Polocks a bit much.

Great job cheerleading this year especially when you's guys got the sign mixed up. Hope the FBI don't come back to your house again. It makes the whole neighborhood look bad. Good luck singing.
(*note: FBI refers to the missionaries coming over for dinner.)

It's been another different year! Be sure to visit Mrs. Frey & her fat daughter in the Florida room! See 'ya next year!

Hey! You know what I think when Superman comes the villians won't have a chance. And also when Cortez arrived in Mexico the Aztecs mistook him for the god of the morning star, they worshiped him. English with Mr.s Patton was awesome, don't ever forget RITA and the BIG, HAIRY, SEXY, HUSKY BEAR, and don't forget the APPLESEEDS. We'll have a great summer & hope to see ya!

From 10th grade:

Have a great summer. We have had a lot of fun times together this year and I hope you never forget them. Band is going to be awesome with you as Drum Majorette. We will have fun! Have fun this summer! Good luck!

Hi, ~j.,
I like your hair.

Thanks for livening up Ethel's class. Even though my math grade dropped 15 points when I started sitting next to you.
-Matt (Chip)

Judy Bloom,
Even though we harldy saw each other this year (except our 6 hr. - course) you'll always be in my ears & in my eyes.

Wanna do me a favor? Say hi to whats her name for me. You know, the one that likes me. Have a good summer.
Mike I.

Too bad I can't say we were bus buddies like we've always been. :-( But I'm glad to say we're still such good friends with no in depth bus talks! You're the nicest person and we agree on so much! You deserve homecoming queen every year. You have a great personality to be proud of. I wish the best for you always!
Love you!

What a great year for me!! Everything's falling in place at last...
your pal

From 11th grade:

Hey, ~j.,
Well the years almost over! I really enjoyed being in Fiddler with you. Enjoy Jr. Miss, it's a great experience. Reach for the stars and always follow your dreams!

I still wanted to see you "dukes of Hazzard" into your car w/a dress. Maybe next time.

Um. Once my friends mom, she was sitting on her porch, and she felt something licking her foot and um. um. she like thought it was her dog, but it was just this crazy guy who did that a lot. Okay, by!

From 12th grade:

~j. (you go girl) -
Thank you for everything you have done for me when I went in to labor. It goes to show who really cares.

Hey, ~j.
This is Sachi. Thank you for everythings. Do you remember when I came here first time? I was shaking!! but you said "Hi" to me. it's time flying isn't it?! You have been nice to me. You're beautiful, wonderful & great person!!
Love ya!

We've had a great year, haven't we? YES, PEKING! I hope you get to Utah --> if you do, call my big bro!

...good luck at Ricks...

...good luck in Indiana...

...what the heck are you gonna do in Utah?...


Carina said...

You have to love those inside jokes. You can't remember why they're funny, you barely remember the catch phrase, but they were HILARIOUS (at some point.)

LuckyRedHen said...

How'd you get Satan to sign your yearbook? All I got was loser boys writing along the inside binding, "Thanks for letting me sign your crack." One of my teachers signed my friends yearbook telling her she shouldn't hang out with me because I'm a bad influence... he was just jealous because I didn't dote on him like all the other girls. Whatever (another classic high school term).

dalene said...

Love the views from the insomniacs (above).


A friend in labor.

That's what it's all about.

And what the heck are you gonna do in Utah?

~j. said...

shuge - I don't even know what some of the jokes mean anymore.

lrh - I didn't know that Satan had signed it; it was one of those times when my book was being passed around, and when I got it back - surprise! I had a few of the 'crack' jokes too. Not funny.

cw - Friend in labor whose water broke when she was sitting right next to me in english class. Still not sure what I'm gonna do in Utah.

Bek said...

Ah Jen,

You were a cheerleading, friendly, nice, skiing, homecoming queen, doula who was funny, loves deep talks and spent lots of time on the bus. Ahhh. Oh and you said hi to new students. (That was the best one...that kid really remembered who was nice to him..use that in a young womans lesson someday....).

That is sweet and it is a good look into who you were in high school (and who you still are).

Labor in high school huh?

Anonymous said...

Cheerleading, Drum Majorette, acting in Fiddler? Where is my heckling, back row friend that I have come to know and love?
JK, I know we would have been great friends back then as well.

Sister Pottymouth said...

I'm afraid to read what people wrote in my yearbooks. You're brave to post them to the general public.

Lyle said...

So you went to high school with Satan....I worked with Satan for 4 years before he converted and was baptized.

wendysue said...

All I can say is-- what would you be doing if you weren't out making yourself a better citizen?

Carina said...

(Show Dick some respect)

La Yen said...

I have read that Satan thing a million times, and it still makes me laugh out loud.

I went through and reread my yearbooks and they are kind of scary. I was a moron at the EHS.

And when girls got the knocking at my hs, they were not allowed to come back and sign yearbooks. So you must be really proud.

~j. said...

bek - you mean Sachi's comment? I should have specified: she was the Japanese exchange student that year. I love the grammar. She was such a sweetie.

Yeah, the labor...she was one of four in my class. And there were fewer than 150 in my class.

sue - oh, Sue. Didn't I ever tell you that I was also voted Class Clown?

julie - I couldn't read half of them. And I couldn't rightly post some...naughty.

lyle - really? What's he look like? All I know is that he uses a blue sharpie.

wendysue & azucar - How do you suppose he rides a bike?

yen - proud? certainly. Did I mention that our mascot was a Trojan?

Sister Pottymouth said...

Trojan? Oh, that just takes the cake. I hope that girl wasn't in your Spanish class. "Soy embarazada" would have taken on a whole new level of reality for her.

Geo said...

You still deserve homecoming queen.

What an excellent post! (I may have to follow suit, since I just unearthed some old yearbooks this week . . . .)

~j. said...

geo! So nice to hear from you. How you've been missed...