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Monday, July 24, 2006

hey, meester, want to buy my seester?

Only ten pesos.

Interested in that deal?

Well, TOO BAD!

I am pleased to announce that BEANS IS ENGAGED!

My little sister has gotten engaged to Sean. She will be moving from NY to FL to be with him in a few weeks, and they plan to be married late next summer (probably; date still pending).

I also got a proposal: Matron of Honor.

Because I'm matronly.

I accept.

And Li'l ~j. and Curly? Junior Bridesmaids. Mocoface? Flowergirl.

Li'l ~j. & Curly were near tears when I told them that they weren't going to throw flower petals - that's a job for the little girls (flower girls), not the big girls (junior bridesmaids)...until I told them that as Junior Bridesmaids they get to do other fun things, like get their nails painted and their hair done like the bigbig girls (matron and maids). They liked that. Li'l ~j. already knows how she wants her hair to look. I told her that means she cannot cut her own hair in second grade this year, no matter who asks her to do it.

Beans is growing up, it would seem. Too bad we don't live closer; I have know so, sew many who can help with excellent wedding services.

Congratulations, Brandy and Sean. TLA.


Carina said...

Yay Beans!

So, what will James and ~j be singing at your wedding? Such Great Heights (the Iron & Wine version?) or Hungry Heart by The Boss?

Anonymous said...

i was thinking more along the lines of... oh, i don't know... james singing hungry like a wolf with ~j doing a quick change into a skin tight jungle queen outfit with a mohawk and dark eyeliner. she'll just jump around in the background... or was that rio??? i've got a lot on my mind right now can't keep my 80's videos straight.

Carina said...

They did that at my birthday party this year, so, the novelty's worn off.

Anonymous said...

what about culture club?