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Thursday, May 18, 2006

on sweeps

**Carina, don't read this until you've watched the Amazing Race finale**


Two people emailed me this article yesterday. I'd like to give a reaction, as well as give my updated opinions.

While I agree that Chris Daughtry had his own style (as Simon had said, Chris was the only contestant who refused to compromise), I could make the same arguement for Taylor and Elliott (unlike the author of that article who accuses them of having a "tragic lack of personal style." Bruthuh, please.). They are each individually unique, not only in the style of their looks, but in their styles of singing. And how refreshing! I'm not worried for Daughtry. He'll do fine, and I'll buy his music. I don't know much about the author of that article, but it seems they're a die-hard rock fan, rather than a music fan, otherwise they'd recognize the talent elsewhere.

Speaking of, those voting percentages were close, no? (For those who didn't see it, the final 3 contestants took in over 50 million votes, and the results were split as follows: 33.06%, 33.26%, 33.68%. Elliott had the lowest total.)

Now. Taylor has been my favorite since the beginning. When I saw his audition (and Simon told him that he wouldn't make it past the Hollywood Round), I chose him as the winner. I still do.

But, ~j., you say, you said in this post that Chris Daughtry would be the winner. Yes, I know I did. That's because I know that I'm not the one who gets to choose. Not everyone loves the grey-haired "old" guy (six months older than me) like I do. I just thought that Chris had the greatest overall appeal to the masses, and that would win him the title, even though I might not personally choose him as the winner. It's like when I hear about Garth Brooks concerts selling out in 17 minutes. For me, personally, I can't imagine why that would ever, EVER happen, but I recognize that other people see things differently. Same with Katharine - she's in the finals because she's easy -- the safe, generic, beautiful robot who's loaded with skill. The girl who dresses to show off the cleaveage, picks a catchy song to sing (not that the singing was so) with some guest percussionists, and tells the judges that they've been harsh on her, because she thinks she's it. For me, the "It Factor" that's been talked about during the show also means what the contestants show as being real people, how nice they are, etc., but maybe that doesn't count for the girl who, when others are giving respect for the person who just was eliminated, smiles and gives a thumbs up to her family and the camera because, hey, at least she's still in, right? Even though I might not understand why America would vote for the girl who forgot the lyrics to an Elvis song, I still understand that they would. Some people are in to that. I know some of them.


Jim. Pam. Yes. That is a season finale that I can watch over and over and over again, and be perfectly pleased with all summer long.


Lorelai, you're an idiot.


T-TOW!!!! The nice guys, the hippies, the guys who started out TWICE with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, the guys who took the time to pay proper respect to local people and cultures, they are the winners. What a perfect, perfect game.


carblemarble said...

Lorelai! OH! So upset with her!

dalene said...

I believe your original assessment was correct.

Katharine has sold her soul to the devil.

I heart Taylor. Paisley or no. Always have.

But I still mourned over Chris (who had me at "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman.")

So do tell--what did Lorelai do? (I've only seen it twice, but I'm dying to know how it ends.)

~j. said...

Well. What do you know about Lorelai? Do you know that she is engaged to Luke?

dalene said...

I vaguely remember hearing that.

Although I would never do this when reading a book, I would be perfectly happy with cliff's notes for TV series or renting the series' finales.

Even series I have never watched. I hear about them in the news and I have this strange desire to know how it all ends.

Am I weird?

dalene said...

Don't answer that! (Please)

~j. said...

Well. Luke and Lorelai have been engaged this entire season, but Luke's dragging his feet and blaming it on the fact that he just found out he has a 13-year-old daughter (who is the worst actress EVER), but Lorelai would have none of that, so she gave Luke an ultimatum ("Let's elope right now, it's all or nothing," etc.) and he said he still needs more time so she ended up, that very night, in bed with Christopher!

Maybe if Luke would just...I don't a new coat...?

QueenScarlett said...

I've been doing a little victory dance since Tuesday night ...for Taylor. He was my pick from the beginning too (see post from Feb 23 where La Yen said he had a pedophilia vibe - I'm hurt)...and... it always chapped my hide they call him the old guy - dude he's barely older than me... come on!

Plus - Taylor thinks "I'm so beautiful..." ;-) hehehe

This is me said...

The Office: My husband and I were lying on the couch when Jim told Pam he loved her. We both sat bolt upright and yelled, "What did he say?!" It was one of those rare TV moments where you were genuinely caught off guard, shocked, and actually cared. Then, when she was talking to her mother on the phone and Jim walked into the office we both said, "KISS HER!" And he did. It was awesome.

cabesh said...

I was going to let it go...but I can't. Please see my Lorelai post.

wendysue said...

T-Tow for the hippie guys. I was going crazy as they replaced those flags!! They SO deserved to win that one! I totally agree. They took the time they had to appreciate each environment and culture they were in and gave a little of themselves too!

My vote is for Taylor, but I'll buy Chris and Elliot's CD's. . .

Love, Love, LOVE the OFFICE. My hubby and I watch them over and over.

La Yen said...

I am being really naiive, but I am thinking that she didn't actually get all wriggly with Christopher, and it will all work out. But, the finale was the last episode with the amazing Sherman-Palladinos, so the new writers will probably ditch the whole relationship in an attempt to be edgy. Bastards.
I still think Taylor is creepy. I don't like him. I never have. I think that Joe Cocker is the only Joe Cocker whose twitchiness can be excused, and Taylor's style is a combination of Kenny Loggins and Belushi doing Cocker on SNL. Clothes aside, creepy Leno-esqe looks aside, I don't like him. I don't like his voice, and I don't like his alien-hand-syndrome. That being said, I hope he wins over Celine McPhee.
And, my belief in the inherent goodness of people and karma and rule-keeping was recharged for the entire summer by those red-pantsy goofballs. I loves me those hippies. As W said "I hope they pay some guy $10,000 to kick the Frat Boy's Arses every day for a month."

wendysue said...

Celine McPhee. . .THAT must be why I don't like her, I couldn't figure it out! Thanks LaYen!