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Monday, May 22, 2006

my sevens list

I know I already did something like this before, but this is a bit different, and plus, how can I ignore the request of a friend I've never met?

7 things I want to do before I die
~take my family on a Disney Cruise
~go to Hawaii
~be in a movie
~learn photography
~win some money on a game show
~receive a college degree
~write something that gets published

7 things I cannot do
~kiss my elbow
~any fancy dives (I'd love to be able to do a reverse)
~'write my name in the snow', if you know what I mean
~willingly eat olives or raisins
~time travel
~drive a motorcycle
~eat fifty eggs

7 things that attracted me to my spouse
~his humility
~his kindness
~his desire to exclusively speak Spanish with our children
~his talents and desire to develop more talents
~his CD collection
~his car (no, not the current one - the one he had when we met)
~his respect for his priesthood, his honor for womanhood, and his desire and ability to take me to the temple

7 things I say often (or 9)
~You are.
~Your mom is.
~What the crap?
~For the love.
~Oh...that's sad.
~You're not the boss of me.
~How much do I love you?
~What a load.

7 books I love
~Gift from the Sea
~Me Talk Pretty One Day
~I am a Puppy
~Goodnight, Moon
~Things You Need to be Told
~Harry Potter Series
~Junie B. Jones Series

7 movies I could watch over and over (or 8)
~Ocean's 11
~Ocean's 12
~The Emporer's New Groove
~Mystery Men
~O Brother, Where Art Thou?
~School of Rock
~The Breakfast Club

7 People From Whom I'd like to hear 7 Sevens
~lisa v.


Tori :) said...

I'm game! Sounds fun. I'll post it tomorrow. :)
You can't eat 50 eggs? What the crap?!?!? ;)

~j. said...

Tori, I thought you would know this:

"As you can see, I have the occasional run-in with an anti-Hey-That's-My Biker and to those people I say nobody... nobody can eat 50 eggs."

Sister Pottymouth said...

Awesome list! I'm honored to have a link in the first paragraph. I had to snort out loud at "write my name in the snow." Wish I'd thought of that. If you and compulsive ever decide to get together, can I come too? (She's in my ward, and we've decided to never grow up.)

kacy faulconer said...

David Sedaris is so funny. I have a picture of me with him on my blog you know. Doesn't Junie B. bug, just a little?

~j. said...

julie - yes, please, let's. Lorien should come along, too. We could all wear, I don't know, matching shirts.

kacy - Is that picture in one of your posts? I'd love to see it! Junie B....I just like reading it out loud to my kids. I laugh and they...don't.

I actually like another book much more than the JBJseries, but I couldn't remember the title. Nice, huh? Something yen? I borrowed it from you during one of my drives to NY. It was red. Do you know the book of which I speak?

~j. said...

ps - julie - I thought 'pee standing up' would be too commonplace.

dalene said...

I was just thinking about the Breakfast Club over the weekend and, after wondering if anyone else ever watched it or thought about it besides myself, here's what I came up with:

You know how part of the whole point was that there was a little bit of every one of those kids inside of us. Well, I was thinking about how there's a little bit of every woman in each of us as well.

It's so easy to watch someone else and think "Oh, I would never do that..." (Favorite line from Mr. Mom: "YOU"RE DOING IT WRONG!")

But if I really think about it I could probably think of a time when I've done exactly that...or at least come awfully close. And I think about all the things I do and say that I later regret. And I say...'s to the Breakfast Club!

And hey--that's what we should do--breakfast! Maybe we could make Julie snort out loud again.

I love it when she does that. And it's even better when she's got a mouthful of food!

La Yen said...

The 50 eggs was originally from Cool Hand Luke--my English teacher showed it to us instead of Cuckoo's nest, and she rewound and paused the shirltess Paul newman scene three times. That was an EXCELLENT day for me.

Carina said...

Damn, we're in a tight spot.

Tori :) said...

Oh- yes. Reality Bites. Sorry I didn't catch that. I must've been having an off day.
My brother is also a big fan of Cool Hand Luke.

~j. said...

I love when Michael is talking to Troy: "And that...egg thing...that was...really something." And Troy says, "It's from Cool Hand Luke." The exchanges between those two are so funny.

azucar -
yelling whisper

Anonymous said...

i was going to post a comment last night but when i read the blog, you had 7 comments and i didn't want to ruin that. a lady just told me that she can't believe how hairy my arms are and that people must have called me Sasquatch at one time or another. i wanted to hit her 7 times.

QueenScarlett said...

I'm so glad you say "What the crap?" too. Drives my hubby crazy that I say that... because I get it from my brother... ;-)

And... your writing in the snow made my hubby laugh outloud. Nice!

dalene said...

queen scarlet and ~j: my version is just plain "Oh Crap!" Which drives my husband crazy and makes him want to wash my mouth out with soap.

Because he is a better man than I am...

Sister Pottymouth said...

In Japan, the businessmen in their Armani 3-piece suits stop their fancy cars on the side of the road whenever they need to pee. My hubby said it was really strange to see these nicely dressed men peeing in the gutter in the middle of the city. The word for that phenomenon (yes, they have a word for it) is pronounced tah-chee-show-ben. It means "standing pee."

I'm bummed that I'm missing all the movie quotes. I don't think I ever watched "Breakfast Club." (Did you snort out loud at that shocking revelation???)

Geo said...

You picked me! You picked me! Wow, ~j., with three swift keystrokes you managed to cancel out maybe an entire year's worth those traumatic times from grade school when I was one of the last embarrassingly sports-challenged dopes to get chosen for softball (or anyball) by the cool team captains. I'll get right on my list. Thanks--I'll try not to miss the ball.

Oh, and by the way, the closest I ever came to writing my name in the snow, so to speak, was once after Rob and I were married, and I peed off a bridge in Provo Canyon.

kiki said...

You know, with the help of a catheter, you can turn one of those can'ts into a can.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Catheters are evil--unless you have an epidural first.

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

i think you only picked me so that I would actually post something, BUT if you haven't noticed, I've actually had two posts this month (ok so you have, but they've been a miracle into themselves). FINE. i'll do it.

ps. wanna go see american dreamz at the dollar some night this weekend??

kiki said...

Excuse me. With a catheter and an epidural, you can comfortably turn one of those can'ts into a can, and then you will...wait...there was talk of standing, right? Sorry, no epidural. You'll just have to deal with the temporary burn, unless "writing your name in the snow" is not really that important to you in the first place, but now you're just making excuses.

LuckyRedHen said...

For crying out loud; I was hoping I would get skipped over the tagging virus.

Freakin' eh.

Geo said...

Better late than never? I finally got my sevens done. Thanks for asking.