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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"what's a ballsy?"

I've been holding off on writing about American Idol, but I can wait no longer. Here's my assessment:

Taylor Hicks: I was so embarrassed about the non-kicking over of the mic stand - BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GUY. He's refreshing. His Ray Charles moves ('HEY!") and Doobie Brothers dance routine (remember that one?) are awesome, as far as I'm concerned. He should end up in Second or Third Place overall (he or Paris). Darin doesn't think he'll do as well, but I think D's just jealous. Darin asked, "Why, because I can kick?" I explained, "Hey, not just anyone can not kick over a microphone stand and then kick AGAIN and get it right. He's a rock star."

Paris Bennett: Holy Crap. This girl has got it, but guess what. She doesn't need this show. She's got connections otherwise, and it's clear she can do whatever she feels like she wants to do gosh.

Chris Daughtry: Work it, man, work it. Also refreshing. The Winner, says me.

As for the others...

Mandisa should still be in - Darin would always say, "There's my girl." He was in class when she was voted off, and you should have seen the sadness in his eyes when I broke the news (not really, but it's a nice idea).

Katharine MacPhee is a robot. Her mother has programmed her to do what she needs to do, and I've had it with her non-gracious attitude (Katherine's, not her mom's). She should get her to Broadway, where her skill and diva-attitude will make her fit RIGHT in (FAKER!).

Bring back Boy Wonder, that Kevin Covais. Such a nerd. Clearly not anyone's Part-Time Lover. So entertaining.

Elliott's voice is beautiful and I can only speculate that he's not getting the votes he deserves because his face doesn't match his voice. That's a shame.

Ace. Gay. Lame.

I'm sorry, Bucky, what did you say? The Bucky Factor had been bothering me so much until Darin pointed out that it's Bucky's constit'chency that's voting for him. Bucky represents a HUGE percentage of This Great Country. Still...we cannot have an American Idol named Bucky. (And after tonight...farewell, chap.)

Kellie Pickler. Did you see on The Soup where Joel imitated Kellie? "What's this stuff called Water? It's all heavy and wet." She's gracious and has the cute factor...and her singing, for the most part, hurts my ears.

ps - in other elimination news...DOWN! DOWN WITH LAKE AND MICHELLE! Go home and get some COUNSELING!!


LuckyRedHen said...

In my opinion:
Taylor - Yay! Shake that white thang.
Paris - Thaynk (hic) Ya! I agree, she doesn't need this show.
Chris - Delish. Fab. Yum.
Mandisa - She can belt it but in a church choir. Snarky.
McPheever - She's got the voice & the look.
Chicken Little - Idol's on Ice
Elliott - What a nice boy.
Ace - I'd lick him. My prediction is that he and his gaze are out next week.
Bucky - Finally.
Pickler - Teeny tiny mouth and a teeny tiny chance of getting in the final 3 (if Ace isn't gone next week then it's Kellie).

Carina said...

I wish I was watching this season as it appears to have been better than the last couple.

Unfortuately, my hands are tied, I swore not to watch Fox after they cancelled AD and I haven't!

(Except for every episode of The O.C.)

(And the morning news people because they actually show the weather.)

Anonymous said...

I think the Bucky factor was due to the same reason that in past seasons the bad ones kept getting through -- there's some group out there (they even have a website) that purposely tries to mess it all up by voting for the worst ones. Thank goodness he's finally gone!

As for Katharine . . . she is totally my style of music. I don't see the stuck up attitude at all. I'd love for her to win! I also think that Chris will make it to the final 2.

I like that this season there is such a good variety of styles. Most of the remaining ones are very talented. It will be interesting to see what style that most of America prefers.

dalene said...
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dalene said...

Because I am never home, I am out of the AI loop, but I have to say from what I have watched: Love Taylor. Miss Mandisa. Not so interesting without Chicken Little. I love that you emphatically state "we cannot have an American Idol named Bucky." Amen.

QueenScarlett said...

I am so with you on every point. Taylor is my man - LOVE him. But Chris will probably win - and I don't mind because he has marketability...and I can actually see people listening to him on the radio... SO glad someone said something about how LAME Ace is. I want to throw up every time he gets on the screen. And... it has nothing to do with pregnancy... it has everything to do with... he sleeps with a blow-up doll of himself every night...I just know it.

And... Pickler - totally saw the soup on her... too true...too true.

And... with Pickler and Bucky - I don't know... it's gotta be the accent - I feel dumber whenever they start speaking. Whereas you get that Brit from the Apprentice to say "wanker" a few times and I feel like I'm in Mensa.

Tori :) said...

"Ace. Gay. Lame."- totally. Yet- I think HE thinks he's hot.
I'm all for Chris or Elliot.

More Caffiene, Please said...

I have to close my eyes and ask myself who's voice I could tolerate if they were to win and I had to hear them on the radio all the time.

And there's only two - Chris and Elliott.

I love Mandeeva but it looks like I'll have to start listening to Christian music. Ace and his scar make me puke.

Carina said...

RE: Lake and Michelle.

Did you hear her say "It works for us!" Sure, they're no Jonathan and Victoria, but Lake and Michelle need some HELP.

P.s. that Monica chick cracks me up. They showed a clip of her saying "I'm not a dumb blonde and I wish people would stop treating me that way." In the next scene she opened the ticket that informed the teams they would be traveling to Palermo, Sicily--which she promptly pronounced "PAL-eh-Mo."
Go Monica!

Anonymous said...

Jenny- Adri and I went to see the live taping of the show the week that Kevin was kicked off. And I must say that it was pretty amazing. Besides the fact that we stood in line all day (even tho we supposedly had tickets) and then got kicked out of our seats. But we met Simon, Randy and Paula!! Love Simon.

As far as the Amazing Race goes, I love the "Bowling Moms."

~j. said...

Nic - that's fun! Stevie Wonder (drool, drool) is one of my favorites.

Those bowling mom guys are the best.

Carina - it seems that NO ONE on the show can correctly pronounce any of their destinations.

MCP - I forgot to mention that scar! When he showed it as part of his choreography? What a load.

Queenn - 'SLEEPS WITH A BLOWUP DOLL OF HIMSELF'. Best line ever.

Bek said...

In honor of you, I watched both the Amazing Race AND American Idol last week so I actually knew what you were talking about! Sweet.

QueenScarlett said...

CELEBRATION TIME... ding dong the Ace is gone. Thanks ~J - he should be singing "I touch myself". How 'bout Miss. What's a ballsy pack her bags up next.

Is it me or is McPhee WAY overrated??? I'd like her out next... or maybe Paris - she reminds me of that old show... "whatcha talkin' 'bout willis?" Is that even the right quote? I quote everything wrong...sing the wrong lyrics...