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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Conference is this weekend. Are you excited for it? I am.

I love conference. It has often been timely as being just the thing I need. (Namely: October, 2000, and April, 2005.)

Last fall's conference had an opening prayer that included (yes, I liked it so much that I wrote it down):

"...grateful for the translators and their talents...bless them...". I liked that because my brother was interpreting that very session. Which talk? Elder Holland's AWESOME talk to the young women.

"...please bless us that we will not be diverted, nor will we slumber." YES!!! Please help us NOT fall asleep! Was that inspired or what?!

Remember when you used to have to camp out to get into conference? And when you didn't get in you'd sit on the lawn and fall asleep because you got there at 2 in the morning to get a spot in line? And they played the audio over the speakers but people were having picnics and playing frisbee instead of listening? Good times. Now you have to "get tickets." Yessssss.

We tried to get in at the tabernacle when we were engaged. We got into the assembly hall, but 3 minutes before it started, we were ushered into the tabernacle and got great seats. I took a photo before the usher could get to me to tell me that I wasn't allowed to. Guess what other AWESOME talk I got to hear that day?

What are your plans for this weekend? Don't forget Saturday - Saturday has the best stuff...


Lyle said...


Y'know, it wasn't until I was in the MTC in October (so many years ago) that I watched all five sessions. In fact, I never really appreciated conference until that year. I've been hooked ever since and wonder why I didn't take a liking sooner. I love watching the Saturday sessions just as much as the Sunday sessions.

Last October was the first time that we didn't get to watch from the comfort of our house, but hey, the kids don't run around as much at church, so I think I am able ot listen better.

I have yet to be there live though...someday it will happen.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the like to that AWESOME talk! What a good focus.

Carina said...

I always feel like Saturday is the best kept secret! Meat, meat, and more meat (but the kind you like to eat.) I can't wait to sit at their feet and consume.
My mom used to translate too! I couldn't have loved Holland's talk more, it's simply not possible.

LuckyRedHen said...

General Conference Cinnamon Rolls
I got this recipe from a friend who got it from the actual lady that makes these cinnamon rolls every conference for the apostles.

You start the night before because the first dough must be refridgerated overnight. Then you prepare, slice & put in pan THEN rise for 1.5 - 2 hours somewhere warmish (no drafts). After that, cooking is mere minutes.

2 pkg dry yeast
¼ C warm water
2/3 C instant (dry) milk
1 ¾ C hot water
¾ C melted butter or margarine
½ C sugar
2 t salt
5 ½ C flour
4 well beaten eggs

Layer… (I sometimes use almost double the recipe on this part)
½ C melted butter
2 T cinnamon
6 T sugar

4 C powdered sugar
½ C soft butter
2 t vanilla & water

Put yeast in the ¼ C warm water. Combine instant milk, the hot water and ¾ C melted butter. Add sugar and salt; let mixture cool. Blend in 2 C flour then add yeast and eggs. Stir in rest of flour. Dough will be soft.

Cover and refrigerate OVERNIGHT.

Turn ½ out on well floured surface (coat with flour to handle). Roll out into rectangle. Spread with the layer ingredients: first butter then sugar and finally cinnamon – add raisins at this point if desired. Roll up and cut into 1” slices with clean dental floss (put floss underneath then criss-cross upwards to make a clean slice). Put in baking pan/dish.

Raise 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes (watch that they don’t burn).

Frost while warm.

p.s. I sometimes change the frosting to a cream cheese frosting; more Cinnabon-esque.

QueenScarlett said...

Maybe it's because I'm preggers - but anytime someone puts up a recipe loaded with stuff that will go straight to my butt and thighs... I salivate...uncontrollably. I'm 3 months and in my fat jeans... can't wait to pull out the preggers clothes. Ha. ;-)

~J - ditto with conference... and I love Holland. (MISS Maxwell - I loved how he could paint vivid pictures with words) Met Oaks once... and just didnt' realize how much softer and cuddlier he looked in person vs. on the screen. AND... also love Eyring... so intelligent and warm. I always wish I could just sit in the middle of those men and just feel their presence.

Not be irreverent but Holland reminds me of those cartoon dogs that have the jowls. I just want to hug him. I love what he says about motherhood. LOVE IT. I have to thank my parents for instilling a love for Conf in me. As kids... we'd be woken up by my Dad's jimmy rigged speaker system that was in each of our rooms ...blasting conference Saturday through Sunday. Ever since being a kid... Conf... all sessions was on the table.

I'm off to make cinnamon rolls.

~j. said...

lyle - I didn't even KNOW about Saturday sessions until I moved to Utah (nearly ten years ago). I was under the impression that Sunday morning replaced church and that Sunday afternoon was optional.

imsewfunny - can you enlighten me on what kind of butter? I never buy butter and I know there are different kinds, etc. THANKS for sharing that recipe. And for specifying that we should use CLEAN dental floss to cut. :)

La Yen said...

I think that I can speak for Shanannon when I say Unsalted Real Butter. I get the Costco brand in the sticks and use it in everything. Also, not cinammon waxed dental floss, because that would be silly. Also not those Dr. Dumore flossers, because it would take forever...

There had better be some ice cream for me when I get there. I refuse to be duped by your "popsicles."

Bek said...

I am SO making conference cinnamon rolls. I just had a happy memory. When we were in Utah to meet a birthmother that would eventually place Jacob with was a nutty week. We flew in on Wednesday (w/ only 30 minutes notice) and were running, running, running the whole time. We moved her, found a lawyer, babysat her kids, went to the hospital 2x for false labor...blah, blah, blah.

That Sunday was conference and I slept over at Oh Judy's and had a bit of peace. She make some cinnamon rolls and I ate about 20. That was such a great day. Cubby was born the next wednesday and then Oh Judy gave him his first bath (he was so TINY). Good memories. One of the few GOOD memories of that time.

Elder Holland came and spoke in our mission several times (he served in London too) and Elder Monson was my mission presidents mission president, so he came over a lot too. That was the best part about serving in London, it was the former mission of many wonderful speakers. We got spoiled by hearing so many great leaders of the church. I will never forget the scolding we got from Elder Holland. :-) It was one of those talks when you hang your head in shame. They are such wise men.

I spent the majority of my mission interpreting things..conferece included. With ASL it is exhausting..physically and mentally. I always give a prayer for the interpreters (esp the ASL/BSL ones).

I am totally with you on the thought that JRH reminds me of a cartoon character. Elder Holland's son and daughter in law are here at Stanford and have been in our ward for 5 years. Their oldest son looks EXACTLY like Elder Holland (like the cartoon Droopy Dog..those cheeks). When we first met them I didn't know the connection, but I remember looking at Hansen and thinking "I have never seen a child look more like a cartoon character AND Elder Holland". Sure enough..they were related. :-) The look is clearly dominant. :-) I know that his family lived next door to The Jolly Porter, CJane and NieNie when he was the president of BYU..Jolly Porter tells some funny stories......maybe CJane could give us some more....

Sorry this was so long....I didn't go for the last two year (small kids, chasing them at the church was not in my game plan) and just read it later in the Ensign. This year I get to watch. Hurrah.

Mormon Mom Cast said...

I've got conference on right now.

Hey, I enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know about a new podcast - the MormonMomCast.

You can check it out HERE and let me know what you think - hey, also if you ever have a segment you'd like to submit you can email an mp3 to us!! :O)

Lyle said...

Woop! Woop! We just listened to Conference using the BYU tv broadcast on the Internet. It was such a blessing, whereas we were all ready to drive to the church and our littlest one was still napping and we really really did not want to wake him up.

~j. said...

lyle - Being in Utah for conference with little ones really can't be beat. Although, up until last fall's conference, we just listened to it on the radio (because we didn't have television reception). Good for you for being able to be at home for it.

Bek - What great memories! I get tired just WATCHING the ASL interpretors - I don't know how they do it.

mormon mom cast - uh, what? That's great that you have conference on right now AND you're blog-spamming at the same time.

La Yen said...

We FINALLY got the broadcast on cable on Saturday! Is it silly that I prayed that we would be able to watch it at home today? (We didn't know we would get it until 1 minute before, because we just have to turn on the public access channel and see what turns up. It is not that I can't read the tv guide.) I am SO not cut out to be a pioneer.
Tears were shed, love was felt, The Spirit...was there.

LuckyRedHen said...

Cast me out now. We tried watching the first session this morning but the Espanol subtitles at the bottom kept getting in the way and were very annoying. At first I had the wrong channel that was broadcasting with Espanol SPEAKING over the speakers then I realized I was on the wrong channel & got hit with subtitles. The kids were squawking and fighting the entire time. We'll download it on our iPod's and listen in the car. I praise those of you that are diligent enough to keep your little ones occupied so you can eat the meat.

p.s. I started my cinnamon rolls tonight and totally left them in the middle of the process for about an hour sitting on the counter. I pity the fools that will get some tomorrow (new neighbors moved in; I hope I don't kill 'em). Pray for my rolls. Amen.

~j. said...

Luckily you can read it later. I made the Apostle Rolls and got rave reviews.

cabesh said...

Queen, at our house we (very) affectionately refer to Elder Holland as" the bulldog of the Lord"

Lorien said...

We think he looks like a marionette. Or a nutcracker. In a good, fond way, of course.