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Friday, November 25, 2005

oh yes indeed it's fun times

I must be a moron.

Thanksgiving is the day that I buy newspapers. I get the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Daily Herald, and USA Today. I buy them to look at the ads for the "Black Friday" sales. I buy USA Today because I forget that there are no ads in it. The others I consolidate and study to create my plan o' attack.

I saw that the Comp USA had DVD players (ours is still broken) that, after rebates 'n' such, end up being $14.99. Normally I wouldn't waste my time in a store to get just the one item, but I saw that they opened at 11:59 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, which worked out well for me since I wasn't all that busy at that time. It ended up being a waste - huge line of people, and when I finally got into the store, I asked Worker Boy where the cheap DVD players could be found. He told me, "Oh, I don't know - there was a pile over there somewhere, but it's probably gone now." "Okay," I told him, "then I'm probably gone, too." And I left. Didn't even look for the DVD player. I don't do rude.

After driving home, I knew that I needed to take the time to reprioritize the shopping venues that awaited me in the wee hours (of which Best Buy had been one but was eliminated when I saw the line of people camping outside at 12:20 a.m. - the store didn't open until 5:30 or 6). I rearranged the fliers, in order of importance, finished watching a movie, and took a nap. Cell phone #1 woke me up at 4:40, and I threw on my shoes, a vest, and ski hat (I don't use the word "cap" in this sense as most others might), emptied the van of my MK inventory from the Skin Care Class I had held the previous day (yes, I did facials & makeovers on Thanksgiving Day), and headed to Orem.

First stop: Gart Sports. One reason is that they opened at 5:30, whereas most other stores opened at 6. Also, this store contained some items that Darin had expressed interest in. This will be our 9th Christmas together, and this is the first time that he has ever expressed wanting anything in particular - a huge step for him, and so I wanted to make sure to get what he said he'd like to have. Those things were a soccer ball, a basketball, and a football. Seems simple enough - and they were half-off. He also mentioned a soccer net, but even at 50% off, they're still $50. Not for us today. Maybe in the spring.

Next stop: Media Play. Standing in line in the bitter cold outside, I noticed a guy handing out small pieces of paper to people waiting for the doors to open. When he got closer, I recognized him as my friend Phil, and we had a nice mini-reunion. I always see Phil at the most random times/places - at concerts is where I see him the most, and he's usually the only one I ever see at a concert that I know. He's quite the business man, and always seems to have his hand in any number of different things. His free paper was advertising holiday work, a little of this, a little of that. Yay, Phil.

Also waiting in this line, I started to get phone calls because of the fabulous Day After Thanksgiving Mary Kay Sale that I was having. Smart people. They got some really great deals.

Once inside I first grabbed Arrested Development Season 2, which was only $19.99. Such a great deal. I bought six other DVDs (yes, I remember that our DVD player is broken...maybe Santa will bring one for us) and a CD for li'l ~j.. She's growing up. She had told me that she wanted some CDs, "maybe Hilary Duff or Britney Spears. I like them." ug. I found a Hilary Duff CD. I hope it's the right one.

I had spent too much time in Media Play, I was really dragging, so I went to Starbucks. My ox was in the...whatever. It was a matter of safety for the other drivers on the road.

Next, Lowe's for the 6 &1/2' pre-lit tree for $25. It's a major improvement from the 3-footer we've been using since forever.

Then to Old Navy. I can't stand to go into Old Navy. It is always crowded and messy and trying to be a dance club but failing miserably. Here's where my moron-ness came into play. What was I doing there? They had the fleece blankets, which I'm a sucker for, and check out their prices: 2 for $10, or 1 for $10. I am not kidding. Now, I like fleece as much as the next guy, and I did get some really good deals. What I'm still not clear on, however, is why I











Yes, that's right. When and if I ever wrap my mind around why I did that, I'll let you know.

Then off to Target where I got almost all the toys I needed, as well as a few groceries, including Helluva Good French Onion Dip. Come on over for some chips-n-dip.

Last stop was in American Fork at the Recreation Outlet. Another of Darin's requests - for a sleeping bag at a really good price (he camps/scouts a lot), as well as a few other gadgets.

All in all, I was out shopping for over seven hours. That's ridiculous. But, I'm nearly finished with my Christmas shopping. Lest you think I spoil my children at this joyous time of year, I'll tell you that they only get three gifts (one from Santa, two from us, plus their stocking, and not counting gifts from grandparents, etc.). Why three? Because that's how many Jesus got.


Anonymous said...

there's a lady in celoron that gives her kids only 3 gifts at christmas cuz that's how many jesus got too. i was shopping yesterday saying, "man, it would be fun if i was in provo for thanksgiving so jenny and i could shop together." we should do that sometime. the longest line i waited in was at jo-ann fabrics. because i'm crafty.

La Yen said...

You totally bogarted that from me. Where are my props? Props, I say!

The Jooj's three persents this year are going to be an excersaucer, this blowy-ball-fisher-price thing, and a bath toy.

La Yen said...

presents, not persents.

~j. said...

Yes, yes, props to the Ganzie. Maybe she's from Celoron.

Beans, that would be fun. (Just ask Jen - she had a BLAST when I dragged her out of bed to go to Wal*Mart a few years ago...) Let's plan on it for next year.

Carina said...

We aren't buying Will anything for Christmas this year. It will be our last year of ignorant toddler-dom. He didn't get anything for Halloween and won't for his birthday either (23rd of Dec.)

We ARE going to try a tree this year for the first time in two years. Am I just asking for trouble?

I never shop Black Friday. I had to work them for to many years and now I don't do Black Friday or Christmas music. Also, I was sick yesterday.

Anonymous said...

why's it gotta be called BLACK friday?

QueenScarlett said...

My sister and her hubby who are still at BYU... went shopping at 4:30am...and boy the stories about the full-frontal fighting, bloodied corpses and forgotten limbs for a crappy bait-and-switch deal are ... ghastly. I guess that's why it's Black Friday...and aptly named too.

Why I don't shop the day after Thanksgiving... crazy, grabby, elbow wielding crowds leave me in a murderous mood. ...and the fact it's a waste of time... never end up getting anything I really want anyway.

La Yen said...

Black Friday refers to the first day of the year when, traditionally, retail gets out of the red and into the black.

Anonymous said...

I went to BestBuy at 11:00 am...I figured I shouldn't rush since the sale went until noon...and bought 2 UPSes (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for all my computers $40 each, usually $90 each, a 1 GB USB Flash Drive for $20 usually $100+, Minority Report DVD for $4, Santana CD for $8. And I didn't have to get up early or wait in line. :)

~j. said...

There's a method, as JC has illustrated: the stores which have sales that last more than a few hours are not the stores to be lining up for in the dark, cold those for later. I got to Target at about 10 in the morning and got a raincheck for the Barbie Cash Register (Emma) since that sale was all day long. Some sales last the entire weekend. Also, what seems like a super good deal might just be a ploy to get you into the store: DVD player for $14.99, but there are only 20 in stock. Fine print, my friends...fine print.

total said...

The three present rule is cute, but you need to adjust for inflation. Over roughly 2000 years at an inflation of 1 present per decade, that's really about 208 presents you should be buying for your children (each). Anything else is just being silly :)

Bek said...

I like the three present rule. We do that too, but not because of the Jesus thing, just because that is how many it takes for them to be excited and after that they don't really care anymore.

I went shopping on black friday for the first time EVER. It only took me three hours and I am DONE! I had to go to Walmart--which I hate. If I just pretend I am going to a third world country then the shopping experience is fine. If I am going in expecting to be at a store, I am just pissed all the time I am there. People were fighting, everything was gone...geesh.

Target was heaven--everything was cheaper there too! I try to stay out of the stores at Christmas--people get grumpy and little bit crazy!!! Now I know I have everything and won't waste any more money thinking I need one more thing!!

Good story. I would shop with you on Black Friday......


~j. said...

Bek - congratulations! Isn't it a great feeling to know that it's DONE? And in just three hours - that's great! Wal*Mart, as a rule, is the devil. Maybe we should all plan to go together next year. Just come to Provo for Thanksgiving...

Joe - your genius is showing.

: STEVE : said...

You have lost your mind. ;)