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Monday, October 10, 2005

Ardie and the tube

Praise be. We have television reception. Got it the day before conference so we wouldn't have to listen to it on the radio AGAIN. Dish Network. DVR. Sweet, sweet television.

I like using the DVR because there are shows on that I want to watch that are on at the same time as each other (Gilmore Girls reruns & Dr. Phil), which are aired when I have things going on (carpool, kids' homework, life). I can record these things and watch them at my convenience (11:30 p.m. - 1:45 a.m.), and without interruption. By interruption, I don't mean commercials, I mean, "mommy? Mommy? Mommy?! MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I like commercials. (Have you seen the Mary Kay commercial? What do you think of it?)

Since I've been away from television for so long, I see commercials that EVERYONE has seen and think they're new, hilarious, and brilliant. I've been hearing a lot of them on the radio ("Mister 80-SPF Sunscreen Wearer"), but to see them now is a whole different experience.

I remember certain commercials from the past. Remember that one with Tiger Woods bouncing the golf ball on the...uh...fattish part of his...golfing...stick? Or the anti-smoking commercial that shows a baby monitor and you can see smoke and hear a baby gagging itself to sleep and the presumed smoker simply...turns off the monitor? What about the "How are YOU doing?!" commercials that stemmed from the "Wazzup!" spots? I remember seeing a commercial with a soccer player doing a bunch of fancy tricks, then he passes the ball to a cow which, WHILE ITS BODY REMAINS STATIONARY, kicks the ball all fancy-like and high-speed between its four legs. In New York this summer, I saw a(n) hilarious commercial for LaBatt's Blue (beer) which showed two guys at a bar, scoping the place out, singing along to Loverboy's "Turn Me Loose", but they don't quite know how the song goes.

How about this commercial?: A close-up on some old lady or some old man. Old person is talking and I have NO IDEA what they're saying. I presume they're speaking English, and after a few moments, I realize it's just a fierce Utah accent. The only word I understand is "Ardie." Then, they show a milkshake, and the Arctic Circle logo appears.

I've only been to Arctic Circle once, and that was to buy a gift certificate. I would have gone earlier this summer with you who went (you know who you are), but I was in NY.

Now is the time for me. I want to go to AC, and I want my kids to get one of those pumpkin meal things. I want to try a shake. Stephanie's in town (not that she'd eat anything there), and Jen & Waldo will be here tomorrow. Shall we meet again for lunch? When's good for you?


Carina said...

I love Artic Circle because I am from Utah. My Floridian husband thinks Artic Circle is code for "Piece of Crap."

I even love the fry sauce they serve out of the sacrament cups.

La Yen said...

I love the fartic circle, w won't go because of the fry sauce. I think that they serve fry sauce in heaven.

My current favorite commercial is all of the Mentos birds chirping techno and then the the parrot sings "there's no sugar." I sing it all of the time. I love it, W hates it. Somehow, we've managed to stay together in spite of the issues...

Bek said...

I sure have a hankering for Arctic Circle right now. I can't remember if I have ever been, but I must have since I have known the Clark/Valentines for one million years.

mmmmmm, pumpkin shakes. We are a Jack in the Box family. Occasionally we will be a Carls Junior family. Usually we are a "McDonalds in the Walmart" family. Pretty soon my kids will start expecting a toy to come with there dinner at home.

TV!! That is great. I am dying to get a Tivo thingy but we can't get it here. I live in the one tiny little part of my town that doesn't get Comcast or any other major cable network. We have to use a tiny local cable company. We get channels (but not Disney) but they don't have fancy things like DVR available. I am still in the relm of the debating whether to read my kids another book at bedtime or to hurry it along so I can catch the opening of My Name is Earl....


cabesh said...

Currently my favorite commercial is for FedEx. It has a bunch of people in an office and one of them says that FedEx is too expensive, then his co-workers proceed to tell him how he is always wrong. Seen this one yet?

The all-time best commercial must be the cat-herders.

Carina said...

"We get fringe benefits, not French benefits, Steely Dan is not one guy and it's NOT the leaning tower of Pizza."

"We don't get French benefits?"

My favorite commercial these days is for the new Britney Spears Federline scent "Fantasy." It might be the best commecial EVER.

Britney is in a long flowing white dress running through a forest chasing some bright shiny lights. Cue Britney Voice Over:
"Once upon a time there was a Goddess and a Hunter." There's Federline in some kind of William Tell Archer's uniform with chainmail. Also, he hasn't shaved in four days. Hot. "She was beautiful and he couldn't help himself (couldn't help leaving his pregnant girlfriend?)

"There wasn't a single part of her he didn't want to touch (ewwwww)" So they're runing through the magical forest chasing lights and each other. It's all very fey, in the traditional sense. AND THEN the camera passes a tree and there's a heart carved into the trunk with 'Britney+Kevin' inside.

"But she was leaving soon (best part best part) on the Goddess World Tour." Quick airplane shot, Brit on stage shot, aaannnd return to our Fey Forest.

"So he did something kind...of...crazy...." Kevin draws his arrow which has the inscription "Magic Love Arrow."

"And they lived happily ever after...Fantasy...everybody has one."

It's so good, you have to see it.

Bek said...

I can't belive the left the best part of the story out of that commercial. The part where she has a "knee injury" part way into her tour (or was it because the venues were not even filling up, let alone selling out).

I have not seen this one, but I need to. It is making me a little sick.

The cat herder is really good. Have you guys seen the ones for Capitol One credit card where the viking men run towards the people that are about to "pay too much on interest". The newest one is great. It shows all the guys trying new jobs now that they have been put out of business. One is scooping ice cream, one drives a school bus. Really good. The tag line is "what's in your wallet".


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad you have TV. I haven't seen any in a couple of weeks-- except the dvr'd episodes of conference. Is Arctic Circle really good? We can go there next time I visit.

Anonymous said...

my favorite commercial is for a gas company. and i can't think of their name right now. i think it's intelligent energy. the jingle: "intelligent energy... call 1-877-... I've... (long pause)... GOT GAS!!

Lorien said...

I LOVE the hun with the spikey ball thingy on the chain [a flail?] who has the job as airline attendant and walks through the aisle, with the flail dangling behind him, whacking each person in the aisle seats in the face as he walks.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Someone, anyone, call Albertsons and tell them that Ray Ramono's t.v. wife gives me a headache. No more of her.
And while you are at it, tell them to blow up their location at Center and 5th West. For Jenny and me.

Carina said...

Center/5th West Provo was neck in neck with Center/State in Orem for most Ghetto Albertsons. Then Joe Albertson went and renovated Center/State. Center/5th wins by default, or neglect, whatever.

p.s. Did Cindy Clark pass the primaries? 'Cause I voted for her, 'cause I could.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Carina, you dollface!
Yes she did win the Primary.
I guess blogging and PR really does work!
You've made me a believer!

wendysue said...

My all time fav is for Staples office store. They start with a Dad dancing around with his cart down the aisles, while the music plays the Christmas song. . "It's the most wonderful time of the year" He grabs pencils and notebooks and then it pans to the two sulking kids dragging their feet behind them, and they announce, "that's right it's back to school time!!"
and Lorien, I think I had that flight attendant yesterday!!

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

dear jenny.
i am here...yipee. i am just now catching up with my favorite blogs. what are those pumpkin things at ac anyway?

~j. said...

Stephanie - beats me. Are you feeling okay? Courtney and Lisa told me that you were feeling a little sickish. Are you up for an outing??

topher clark said...

I can't believe I read this thing too late. I would never intentionally miss a trip to AC. My regrets.