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Monday, September 05, 2005

okay, here's my summer song list.

That other post i put up today about being too sad for my song list...well, like Jen said, that's exactly how the terrorists, el nino, and the french would have me feel. Plus, Bek emailed and said I should put it up, too. And so, on with my list my favorite songs from this summer:

Hollaback Girl. I freakin' LOVE this song. I realize that I am not in high school. The first time I heard it, I saw Gwen Stefani perform it on a late-night rerun of the Ellen show. I was in a Microtel in Madison, Wisconsin. Gwen, Ellen, and all the Old Navy girls were dancing around, and my thought was, "mmm...curious." The next time I heard it, and each time following, I loved it. Also, I feel it: I live in a neighborhood with some 'women' that act like high school cheerleaders.

Switch: "This a club, girl - why you arrive nekked?"

Speed Of Sound. This song makes me feel like I'm flying.

Best of You. Dave Grohl, you rock. I love when I hear this song in the morning - I love to sing/scream it in the shower. I love the video, too. The effort to fight foo is always worth its weight.

American Baby. Lovelovelove the pizzicato violin. Work it, Boyd.

E-pro. Okay, this technically came out before the summer - late spring, I think - but it's awesome. Buy the cd - the flow from 'e-pro' to 'que onda, guero?' is great, as in, the songs go really well together. The first four songs on the cd eek of summer.

Swing Life Away. This Rise Against song is also just so summery. Plus, when it comes on the radio, li'l ~j. asks, "Mom, is this on the radio?", which is code for, "Do we have this on CD so that we can listen to it again and again and again, or is this it?"

Holiday. I have never liked anything by Green Day. I cannot get enough of this song. Can I get another amen?

That's all, off the top. I may add to it. What are yours?


Bek said...

First of all, the only song I knew on that list was Hollaback Girl. I also know that the band Coldplay sings Speed of Sound but couldn't pick it out.

I used to be hip....really. It seems that lately I have lost my radio listening time. My daughter, however, could sing every word to every song on Tragic Kingdom by the time she was 3. I guess she fits her radio/cd listening time between preschool and her nap. My friends Chris and Lisa used to always introduce me to cool music, but now I am too far away and don't see them enough.....

The only song I could tell you that came out this summer is one of the numerous Green Day ones. I like them and like the songs that I have heard (do I know the names of I do not).

I plan on taking this list and bringing myself back to the world of cool music.

BTW, Maroon 5, Billy Idol and Josh Kennedy are playing a music festival this month. How cool is that? Could these bands be any more different?

Bek said...

Ok, I feel like the biggest idiot but what does Hollaback Girl mean? Is it a place? Slang?

I am officially my grandmother.

La Yen said...

Will you make me a mix tape? None of these are by Mariachis, so I don't know them except for Hollaback which bites my butt and gives me a rash. You can call it Rockin Songz to make out by. (I dangled that on purpose...)

Way up in their hollow tree, the uifns make special fudgety stripe cookies and beer.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

...if 1075 plays that "Collide" song ONE MORE TIME someone is going to get hurt, real hurt.

~j. said...

Bek: as far as I can tell, a 'Hollaback Girl' is a girl who, when faced with the announcement that someone has gossiped and/or said half-truths about her, will perpetuate the nonsense by reciprocating with more gossip/half-truths. In this song, she 'ain't no hollaback girl,' and will therefore not put up with it, but, rather, challenge the girl to a fight. Or something of the like. I just like the phrase 'half-truth'.

jen: yes, I will make you a mix tape. I will use a memorex tape with pink and yellow triangles. I will tape these songs off of the radio while listening to Casey's Top 40.

cjane: I heard that song, 'Collide', sung by Howie Day himself when he opened for BNL, and the song was a 'hit'. This was in March, 2004. 1075 is poison. I heard today that they're switching this month to 101.9. But, get this, they're still going to be called 'The End'. Um, huh? No. See, 'The End', for 1075, meant that it was 'at the right end of your radio dial', right meaning the right side and the correct choice. If their frequency is 101.9 then they should no longer call themselves the end. It should just be...the end of them. May I recommend: 96.3 (in the morning), 90.1, 91.7?

Also, cjane -- seriously, what is with Claire having a twin in France? Do you know who that is? I saw it and find it freakish. PLEASE tell me that you know those people.

La Yen said...

I am limewiring your list right now so that I can be cool, as well.

We will never get any of those shows here. BUT--we are getting Motley Crue next month! W is so excited to go--he has been saving up. Unfortunately, we just realized that the concert is going on during Priesthood Session. I told him he could go, anyway, but then we found out that the show's totle is "carnival of sin" and he thinks he should listen to the prophet, now. Can you believe this is W? Our W?

~j. said...

Uh, he told me in MARCH about Motley Crue's concert being held in Roctober. Good boy, W. Good boy. Like James always said...the smartest Mexican we know.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

go buy the frou frou CD...that is the bomb!!!

total said...

First off, I have to give you props for your jibe of the French. It's always a welcome edition to any blog. Good List as well, I have to agree with you on almost every count (the rest I'm not familiar with by name). Did you ever hear of Jackson Rohm? He was big into the Choir community back in our High School Days, however you were probably in 6th grade when he graduated HS, he's put out 3 CD's that are really good. Check out his site at and listen to some of his tracks online.

~j. said...

Yes, I know him. He and I share a birthday. And, when I was in NY this summer, I heard his stuff played on the radio all the time. Not bad for a good-lookin' guy who dropped law school to make out with his guitar. I emailed him a few years ago because I had heard he was going to open for Tom Petty here in Salt Lake. He replied, no, that was probably Jackson Browne, which makes more sense.

topher clark said...

I know this sounds funny, but I felt like a Hollaback girl all summer. Nothing but Hollaback from June to August, but I'm doing better now.

Great song: 'Are You Beautiful?' by Chris Pierce.

~j. said...

Welcome, Christopher Clark. Glad to see you here. I can imagine you challenging the entire month of August to a fight. At the bleachers. No principals, no student teachers.

Thanks for the song recommendation.

~j. said...

Steph - is there a new frou frou cd? I heard some last summer, I think.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

i am not sure when it came out...but its good

La Yen said...

Is your DVD player working yet? I might be able to get you one off of the back of a truck...

~j. said...

After reading Chris's latest post, I think I understand why he felt the Hollaback all summer...did it have something to do with b-a-n-a-n-a-s?

Carina said...

Since I'm probably the most hep chica here, I've compiled some favorite hollaback girl definitions:

A female who responds to an insult verbally as opposed to physically. Since Gwen is no hollaback girl, she will indeed beat the stuffing out of her opponent.

A female who once having had some attention from a male, now waits by the phone for him to 'holla back.' Hollaback girl in this case being an insult which Gwen might feel the need to defend.

A female who (related to previous definition) is a bit of a tramp or in parlance of a previous day, easy. She'll respond to men hollerin at her. Again, a grave insult which Gwen would need to address.


La Yen said...

Carina is so ghetto. That is why she lives in Provo and woud kill a man for Prada. It is also why I love her.

Carina said...

Fo sho. I just wish they loved me like they love 'Pac.

My nominations for songs of the Summer:
Sugar, We're Goin' Down - Fall Out Boy (which, if it's not on your mix tape Jen, would be a gross oversight.)

Gold Digger-Kanye West. Nobody does self-important like college dropout Kanye.

(I can't believe it's been a decade since we first heard The Sweater Song) Beverly Hills - Weezer.

I know it's cheesy, but I like These Words - Natasha Bedingfield.

and Don't Stop Believin'- Journey, cause aren't we all just small town girls, livin' in a lonely world?

Carina said...

Ok., Jenny, I just re-read one of your comments. I live and die on the left hand of the dial 90.1 and 91.7. KOHS is one of those amazing secrets that more people need to know about. 91.7, for the uninitiated, is Orem High School's station. They don't play commercials, they play a few public service announcements, and then it's right back to music. They will play just about anything if you just call and ask. The DJs are kids so they rarely talk.
It used to be that they would only broadcast from 8am until 9 pm M-F, but with new technology they go 24/7. KOHS does go off the air at the end of May, but is back in August. You can only hear KOHS in Utah County. Sorry.

I'm Darcy and don't get me started, don't even get me started on 90.1. Yeah, I tried to marry NPR once, but it was outlawed in the Utah Constitution.

topher clark said...

Since when are wacky marriages outlawed in the Utah Constitution?

Carina said...

They did let me marry a Math person, and that was pretty wacky.

~j. said...

That's a wonderful thing, a really cool thing.

Carina said...

Well the whole idea was to improve the gene pool. So far we have one hybrid on the market, who knows, we may have more!