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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have a friend named Joe. He is a friend from high school. I haven't seen him in about twelve years. I don't think we kept in touch after he graduated, which was two years before me. But we just reconnected through the wonderful world that is blog.

Joe lives in Maryland with his fiancee and her two children. He also keeps odd hours, due to his work and his online poker addiction. His blog is listed on my sidebar (is that what it's called?) as joe's poker blog. He used to only write on his blog (as far as I could tell) about poker. So I asked him if he would instead write about other stuff, since I don't speak poker (it apparently has an entire language all its own), and he has been very accomodating. He has written about family trips and other things, and even created a separate blog only for his poker things so that I don't have to look at them when I read his blog. Thanks, Joe.

And, to thank Joe for changing his blog, and because he's just an all-around great guy, I am asking you to please go to his blog. He has issued a challenge to us all on his latest post.

If you're wondering why you should do this, I'll just tell you that his in-laws to be are from the New Orleans area. They had to leave their house on August 29th.

And now, you should go to his blog by clicking on "joe's poker blog" right there to your right. If you can't find it, or need further assistance, let me know. I don't know how to include a link here in the text of a post, but clicking on JOE'S POKER BLOG over there isn't hard to do. Just go there. Read it. Do it. Spread the love. Ciao.


La Yen said...

I sent a Disneyland postcard. Because I am in El Paso.

total said...

Thanks Jen, you rule :)

And thank you too Jen. I don't care what anyone else says...You don't suck nearly as much as some people.

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

hey jenny, i have been really bad at checking the blogs (and posting them) i am back to date with you now, and am going to check out joe!
love ya,

La Yen said...

Why did you not choose to go with the more commerical and marketable "phormerlyPhread?" Have you learned nothing from Krusteez and El Pollo Chicken? Catchy spellings are catchy!

~j. said...

I know. Initially it was going to be phormerly, but I thought that it would distract from the phread. Did I ever tell you about my favorite name for a company? I heard it during my career as a telemarketing researcher in Provo (I know, weird, no one does that here): it's a catering company in the Seattle area. It's called Entrees On Trays.

Bek said...

My friend Nancy Haight has a catering business called Haight to Cook. I also know someone w/ the last name of Pippin that does childrens parties, her business is called PipSqueeks.

People are so clever. My mind doesn't work that way.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

If you read this...I am mailing a bunch of letters written by some of my students (and myself) headed towards LA c/o the Fletchers.
My kids loved writing them and we all hope for the best!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Lisa said...

Your blog has inspired me to eat chips and dip and play me some poker.

total said...

Thanks C Jane, you rule. They'll love them all. Espically now, as of right now, they're holed up in their hotel room with no electricity riding out Hurricane Rita. The letters will do wonders when they get them, thank you all so very much.

~j. said...

cjane, that is so sweet. What a great thing to do! Were the kids so happy to do it?

Welcome, Lisa. Let's have lunch when I'm done juicin' it.

Bek, I think Haight to Cook is a great idea. She's not in Provo, is she?