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Friday, July 29, 2005

"This is a fine, elegant Harvey Wallbanger"

It seems to me that there's been a lot of superhero stuff going on lately...or, maybe it's always gone on, and I only just recently started paying attention to it when I took li'l ~j. & Curly to see The Incredibles last November. I knew about the Spiderman, and now the Batman and the Fantastic Four, and I'm sure there are lots of others. In the spirit of all this, let me pay tribute to a movie about superheroes that I love dearly: Mystery Men.

If you haven't seen Mystery Men, you should watch it - I have it, if you'd like to borrow it. I even think it's rated PG for those of you that think that if you watch a PG-13 movie you can't go tio heaven - I'm sorry, did I say tio heaven? I meant to heaven. Anyway, I'd like to share some of the finer aspects of the movie, things I love about the movie, since telling the storyline does not do the film justice:

~The Spleen's jacket

~The disco-pimp bodyguards especially the ones named Tony

~The names of the superheroes that The Invisible Boy knows

~The Sphinx does cut guns in half with his mind

~The Blue Raja's real name is Jeff; also, he is played by Hank Azaria, who is my boyfriend

~The Bowler's reference to Cat Stevens

~The Shoveler's wife's blue gloves

~The Waffler, his Truth Syrup (which is low-fat), and his theme song

~Is that Kimmy Gibbler in the Supergirl fight? (**no, it's not, but it looks like her**)

~Dr. Heller's Blame Thrower

~Captain Amazing may or may not be Lance Hunt

~Mr. Furious's motorcycle; it's a Harley...compatible. Basically the same engineer.

~The Supervillian's name: Casanova Frankenstein

and, my favorite:

~Sally, Mr. Furious's boss

While I'm reviewing media, let me give you my review of a CD I recently bought: Lost and Found by Will Smith. Yes, I like hip-hop, it's great dance music - how do you think I won all those dance contests at EFYs? Certainly not by boot-scootin'-boogie-ing. This is one of the best CDs, as in I-could-sit-and-listen-to-the-whole-thing, that I've heard in a long time. Favorite tracks (mine or my kids'): #1 (li'l ~j.'s favorite - and she doesn't even know the Spiderman theme song), #3 (the reason I bought the CD), #4 (makes li'l ~j. laugh, and Curly sings parts of this one), #7 (I'm such a sentimental sob for September 11th, plus it's got Mary J. Blige), and #15, which is a smooth remix of #3. Snoop also makes an appearance, and I can't hear his voice without giggling with glee.

And finally, my review of the latest Harry Potter book:

It's basically Star Wars: Episode II; not very exciting, but some very good information. Actually, lots of great information and clues (I have my own theories about stuff from the book - if you care to know, ask, and I'll share them with you). Okay, lots of great information. I just find it hard to believe that Harry can't trust in Dumbledore's belief in Snape's loyalty, yet, with all his raging teenage hormones, has the wisdom to say, "Ginny, I really feel that we shouldn't see each other right now." Right. Okay, so it's not quite Episode II. Maybe if Harry turns into Voldemort...


LuckyRedHen said...

I agree with your selection of music. Today my kids and I jammed to SWITCH full blast all the way through. Piper got made when it ended - so we listened twice in a row :o)

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Jenny, just so you know, Mystery Men is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies...I could go on and on quoting it. I think we ought to have a mystety men quoting contest.
My favorite in the movie is Greg Kinnear and PEE WEE...hello its PEE WEE! I am so glad you share that love...


La Yen said...

Hey--is that MY Mystery Men? I know that you are hording the DVDs... :)

My favorite thing is "Crazy chicken world"

Harry Potter Strikes Back was a real disappointment. I watch Degrassi for teen anxt, I don't need to read about it. Plus, for the love, just go talk to an adult. What kid honestly thinks "I can fight evil and death all by myself and no adults will know about it." If Rae was having night terrors, you would know. She would mention it. She would also say something like "I'm not fighting Voldemort today, in case you were wondering." Come on.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

jenny...heard you attended the party at the jolly porters house...GOOD FER YOU! how was it?

~j. said...

Jen - no, it's mine. i had a media play credit, AND it was on sale, so i think i paid sixteen cents for it.

Steph - yes, i went, but i could only stay for a short while. it was great. your people are my kind of people. and as for that quote contest...YOU ARE ON.

Sweet dreams...Lilac.

~j. said...

Steph - also, check out the comments in my list blog - my friend jen shares your abhorrence of mini-adults...

C. Jane Kendrick said...

Stephanie's sister CJane here. I must say you are preaching to the choir about Mystery Men as it is, indeed, one of the best.
I like it when Janeanne Garofalo's character says upruptly, "I said Good Day" to the crazy man in the junk yard.
Now I've got to go rent it. Like, tonight. Thanks for the idea.

~j. said...

CJane - you can borrow mine! don't we live only about 3 blocks from each other??? And does anyone else know which role Michael Richards plays in this fine film?? Anyone? You can win a prize...

and to imsewfunny: only twice?? we've been known to listen to a single song over and over for...well, however long it takes to drive across Iowa.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

No need to borrow, we rented last night. Thanks for the offer and the idea.
I forgot how much I love it when the Bowler says to Spleen "There is not enough beer in the world. I'm sorry. So sorry"
Even my husband, who hated the movie before, had to laugh.
Again, thanks for making Tuesday Movie Night full of laughter and tears.

La Yen said...

OK, just tried to Google Michael Richards and Mystery Men. Apparently there is an entertaining film for men called Mystery Men--actually 2 of them, one with Brazillians. The synopsis is this:
"A mystery man blackmails hot, horny, studly swimmers with secret photos of their"
(I didn't click the link to find out the rest of the description.)