Friday, August 09, 2013

Honda Test Drive with Sarah Kimmel

As Sarah (@Tech4Moms) wrote yesterday, she took me for a test drive this week, in a car provided by Ken Garff Honda of Orem. She nailed our experience, but let me just reiterate a few points.

Have you been in a new car lately? I mean, not just new to you, but NEW? Dude. We live in the FUTURE.

After trying to figure out how to adjust my seat (can we streamline this process? Same function in all cars? No? Oh, okay.), I realized I didn't have a key. Sarah told me to step on the brake and push a button. PUSH A BUTTON. (Sarah had the key -or whatever it is - in her pocket, which was close enough proximity for the car to start.) I put the car in reverse and noticed that the rear-view camera was activated. I had a wide-angle view on a screen in front of me, of anything (or any person) which might be behind me, without having to turn around and check in five different positions. With the all-clear, we drove away from my street.

Speaking of car cameras, another view comes up on the car's monitor when the right blinker is on. No more accidents because you didn't see that guy coming up on your right. GENIUS.

Sarah's phone was connected to the car via bluetooth, so we enjoyed her phone's playlist without having to involve any wires or connections. Sarah's got great taste in music. And she's fun on the dancefloor.

We enjoyed our lunch at Old Towne Grill (delicious!) and Sarah told me that she took the car on a roadtrip to California with her kids. I wouldn't be able to fit all of my kids (#TheWad) in this car, but it would be great to have for non-full family trips.

The car is a 2013 Accord, and I don't know how many of the features I enjoyed were standard, but I know I want to have all of them. Or, any of them. We are a one-car family. That's right, a family of seven people. In November it will have been two years that we've only had one car. I hate it. I tolerate it, but I hate it. I wish my husband had a car of his own for commuting. A car, in fact, like the Accord I drove (brought that back around quickly, phew!).

After lunch, I drove back to my house. Would I like to have a car like this? Absolutely. And I appreciate Ken Garff's involvement in social media, so you can bet I'll be looking that way when the time comes for us to buy again.

*I was not compensated for this post. Sarah did buy me lunch, which surprised me because I fully expected to pay for my own. And Sarah did let me drive the car. But you knew that, because that's the whole point of my post, innit.

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