Friday, May 31, 2013

Today is Our First Full Day of Summer

Today is our first full day of summer.

My youngest finished last week and my oldest just skipped her last day, but the others officially finished yesterday, and here we are.

The kids, for the most part, had a good school year. You know how sometimes your kid will have a teacher who you wish could follow your kid throughout their scholastic career? We were lucky enough to have two of those this year. In the fall my youngest will be in kindergarten, but I'm not cheering yet because, as we all know, kindergarten is a joke. I mean, it's great, but it's only a few hours long, and that means I either have to find a carpool or just go home and then turn around to go back for pickup (see below, about driving).

I really love summer because I love having my kids home. I know not everyone feels that way. And my kids aren't even always home during the summer, but still: I just love it.

The biggest changes around here will involve driving. I didn't drive as much this year as I did last year, but I still drove a lot too much. We're still a one-car family, and even with carpool my life's schedule depended on adding in a half-hour here, 45 minutes there, to accommodate getting everyone where they needed to be (and picking them up).

Our summer, already, can't be described as lazy. I filled out our family calendar for June yesterday and I'm kind of stunned at how full it is, but that's how my life feels: full, but not saturated. We're scheduled and have things to do, but it's not overwhelming.

Each summer it seems that my kids hardly sleep in; they get up early, like they're used to doing for school, and then, with a week and a half left of summer break, they begin sleeping in until 10. I wonder if that will change this year because of the early-morning summer activities we already have on the schedule.

One reason I love summer is because, to me, it feels like a fresh start. This school year, the one which just ended, started out fine, but I have to admit: I felt out of control when I started traveling -- because I was out of control. The traveling opportunities I was given, and in which my husband fully supported me, helped with any control issues I might have because I didn't have a choice, I HAD to let other people help (a weakness of mine). My first trip was in September, so I feel like I was always at least ten steps behind, starting right at the beginning of the school year. My son's homework? Um, NO -- he's in kindergarten, I'm not worrying about that. And speaking of my son, how about the day he had that field trip to the pumpkin patch and it was really cold outside (30s or 40s, I think) and he forgot a coat? Sorry, I can't do anything about that -- I'M IN AFRICA. And guess what. He's fine. It's all fine. Last week, on the way to preschool when my daughter reminded me that it was show & tell, and I told her, "Your dress is your show and tell. Just twirl," it was FINE.

Today we're taking it easy, and on Monday we'll jump in with worksheets and reading and summer chores (summer chores!), and swimming and watermelon and washing towels every day. I can already smell the sunscreen.

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Naomi said...

Just twirl. That is my motto in life now!