Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Summer 2012

And just like THAT.

Summer is over.

My summer has been beyond incredible. Though I hesitate in saying that because the summer has been the worst ever for a few people that I know and love, and that, of course, affects me. To those for whom this summer has simply been the pits: my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Please know that.

In all, I feel like we simply ran out of days this summer. Any one else feel that way? We had more to do, more places to go, more adventures to have. Even so, we did make use of the time well, traveled, and had adventures I had only seen in my dreams.

In June I went to Girls' Camp with my oldest daughter, and it was a much more pleasant time than last year. I got to participate in a surprise flash mob for Kacy. At the end of that month I bought this here laptop; all the better to blog with, my dear.

In July I did so many things that, had you told me a year ago I'd be doing, I wouldn't have believed you. To begin with, I ran my first 10K, and with that, my pace was faster than a 5K I had run just a few weeks prior. Secondly, I was an Ignite Speaker at evo. I hosted an event for T-Mobile. I got to see the Broadway touring production of Wicked. Also, Darin had surgery (not something I did, but still -- something big, and something which would have been hard to believe). Oh yeah, and I ran A SECOND 10K with an even better time than the first. And I went to my friend's 40th birthday party - a costume party where the stars aligned and I dressed as 1/3 of Wilson Phillips; my fellow band mates were Carina and Hailey, and when we sang Hold On? We killed it.
 Instagram pic by Josh Bingham

August? Oh yes. I'd like to remind you that last November I posted a Life List, and #1 on that list was Take my family to New York City for a week. No, that didn't happen; instead I spent 8 days in New York City with my 13YO daughter, yes I did.

The stars aligned (again, through Carina, who hired my daughter to babysit on the trip, and Hailey, who graciously let us stay in her home a few nights and taught us how to use MetroCards and showed us some awesome places and a million other things) and we had an unforgettable trip, including helping with the SocialLuxe Lounge party. My 15-year anniversary was in August, and we went to see Seven Brides For Seven Brothers at Sundance. I did a triathlon (my second this year), and my dad visited from New York. I was booked to sing the National Anthem at an Orem Owlz baseball game, but when I got there I found out they were double-booked, and I didn't get to be the one to sing. A year and a half after auditioning, I worked for a day as an extra on set for the New Testament Project for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was one of the 31 contributors to Shot@Life's #Blogust, and we raised over $200,000 for the United Nations Foundation so that children can get a Shot At Life.

Now the kids are in school and I'm fitting dental cleanings into our schedule where I can. I drive too much and sleep too little. Darin is recovering very well from his surgery. Labor Day has passed, and it's time to think about Pumpkin-smelling things. Looking forward to wearing sweaters. Mostly I'm grateful for the memories of a summer which showed me more of what I'm capable of doing and being, and for the surprise of it all because I'm while I'm not convinced that I had no idea, I'm fairly certain that I had forgotten quite a bit of it.

How was your summer? Please tell me.


La Yen said...

I moved. And cried a lot. And got bitten by a new type of ant. And learned about boiled peanuts. And Buster learned about knock knock jokes. Bring on Fall.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Me too. I thought last summer was crazy, but this summer was even crazier. My son did six, yes SIX Scout campouts this summer, plus a 10 day Mission trip. Some were a weekend, some were a full week, and I even went on one and planned most of the rest, so it kept me hopping. I also did EVO and 3 days later, I did the Stampin' Up! Convention, so that month was particularly crazy and exhausting, but fun! Combine all that with a full time job, and a part time business, plus blogging, and it's a wonder I haven't lost my mind. But I guess I like it because I haven't had anything to do this week and I'm bored silly!

Gerb said...

My summer is best summed up in this: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I'm still recovering, but looking forward to an uneventful (fingers crossed!) September.

Hailey said...

I love your summer. I love how much I got to be a part of it. :) I'm so happy that Carina had the idea to do Wilson Phillips because it was AMAZING.

Queen Scarlett said...

I totally feel you. Summer ran out of days and I don't feel like I'm up to speed on Fall yet. Like you - dude - 2012 summer was EPIC... and for us, may never happen again, but man was it awesome.

So glad I got to hang with you for some of the summer. DREAMS RULE! Cheers!