Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three things I think you should know about today

1. Today is my Golden Wedding Anniversary. Not, like, the 25th, or 50th, or whatever anniversary equals gold being the gift; what I mean is that it's my 15th Anniversary today. 15th on the 15th. That's golden, right? So, Happy Anniversary, Darin! Hope you're having loads of fun on your "Retreat," camping in the mountains with those student mentors!

2. THIS FRIDAY I'LL NEED YOU TO COME BACK HERE TO THIS BLOG AND MAKE A COMMENT ON THAT DAY'S POST. I've mentioned it briefly before, but I have the honor of working with the United Nations Foundation on their Shot@Life Campaign. Essentially, it's a blog relay with the clever title of Blogust; each day the 'baton' is passed from one blogger to another, and Friday is my day. For every comment made on my post on Friday, $20 will be donated to the Shot@Life Campaign, and it just so happens that $20 is exactly the cost of 4 life-saving vaccinations for a child who wouldn't otherwise have access to them. Just so you know, if you happen to follow me, social-media-wise: I'll be promoting this like crazy, and I thank you for your support in helping me promote this. I invite you to visit the Shot@Life page to learn more. 

3. Who's got two thumbs and will be singing the National Anthem at Saturday's Orem Owlz game? This guy.


Emily said...

All of these things make me super happy.

La Yen said...

Fifteen years is the Sonic anniversary, FYI. Or, if you are us, the "visit your baby in the NICU and eat a Snickers" anniversary.

Vanessa Barker said...

Wow, you are one brave girlie. I can't imagine ever singing in public. My hubby even reminds me to sing in a whisper at church!!

Good luck!

AzĂșcar said...

As you wish