Friday, July 27, 2012

Clear The Air Challenge

I love living in Utah. The landscape is breathtakingly stunning year-round. Sometimes, though, when I'm driving from higher altitudes into a valley I notice a worrisome, if interesting, occurrence: a sort of brown cloud sitting above the ground. The air pollution here can be really noticeable - and you know it's bad when you can see it so clearly.

Sometimes I think, This is pathetic. People who live here should do something about this.

And then I realize: I'm people who live here. Not only that, as a mom - a mom who drives A LOT - I can make a difference. Over 50% of air pollution comes from motor vehicles. During the school year I participate in a carpool, but I've been considering what other ways I can cut back on my driving. I do take the time to map out all the errands I have to run, so as to be most efficient in my driving routes. We only have one car, so Darin will often ride his bike, or take the city bus, or get a ride with someone else to work; the other option is that I drive him to work and/or pick him up. And, because we have one car, and frankly I'm afraid that something will happen to it, I'm extra cautious when I drive, which, it turns out is a benefit: driving the speed limit is better for the environment. 

To make myself accountable, I've registered for the Clear The Air Challenge, and I'm excited to see how much of a difference I really do make. The Clear Air Challenge runs throughout the month of August and tracks activity, even telling you how much money (as well as the energy and miles) you're saving by the changes you make with personal transportation. And, you can win prizes. What? Yes.

Would you like to register for the Clear the Air Challenge as well? You could register with Today's Mama, like I did (because we're a group of moms working together on this). And we can chat about it? About how we're CHANGING THE WORLD one bike ride at a time? Or something like that? Because I'd love to hear about how YOU work to help clear the air.

Registering is easy:

1. Go to Click the REGISTER HERE button.


3. Answer the questions on the PERSONAL INFORMATION SCREEN. Be sure to select the TodaysMama team from the dropdown list. Click SAVE PROFILE.

4. Get tracking! The TravelWise Tracker allows you to track the trips and miles you save each day during the Challenge. Visit your Tracker at least once a week to log your progress. (Tip: Do it before noon each Monday in August for your chance to win prizes!)

Hopefully as I track the changes I make in August, and talk with other people about the changes they are making, I can get some ideas for how to contribute to a cleaner environment with all the driving responsibilities I've got during the upcoming school year. I'm looking forward to learning more about practical ways to make a difference in the Clear the Air Challenge.

Check out the Clear The Air Challenge site as well as their facebook page for further information about the Clear the Air Challenge.

Disclaimer: I am being compensated by Today's Mama to write about this project, but the decision to register for and participate in the challenge, as well as opinions in this post, are solely mine.

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