Monday, July 02, 2012

Blogging! Now with more laptop!

Remember when my laptop broke? It's been a long while to go without a computer, but now, finally, I've got one. Darin and I went to Costco on Friday evening (don't be jeal of our dates) and bought a new Dell. It has a subtle almost faux wood paneling look to it, so I suppose it's "cool".

Speaking of cool, have you seen the flash mob Kacy's husband put together for her 40th birthday? It was super fun. Like, a dream come true, but maybe not for Kacy, who hates that sort of thing but also loves that sort of thing. I hope enough time has passed and she truly loves it now.

In an unlikely move, I read Stephanie's book last week. It moved me to tears. Let's be honest, I'm probably the last person to have read it. But I'm glad I did.

This week I will be running my first 10K, and a few days later I shall run a 5K. That's TWO racing shirts in ONE WEEK. Luckiest? This guy.

I feel like a loser for saying this, but a part of me could do without the fireworks this year. I'm just so sick (and scared) of fire right now. But also? I'm fascinated by fireworks.

The other night I joined Instagram, which is where you take pictures and post them and look at other people's pictures and like them and comment on them. Again: last to the party, I am so sure. But find me on there: @formerlyphread.

Lastly, Eff Cancer.


cabesh said...

Hurray for your laptop!!!! Hurray for your races!!!! I haven't read Stephanie's book yet.



Gerb said...

As long as you know me you will never be the last to the party. I don't even have texting yet.

And ditto on the fireworks. I kind of wish they were banned everywhere in the state but I don't want to be the kill-joy.

Lastly, hooray for the laptop and you continue to inspire me with your running determination and gusto!

Lyle said...

I'll always be at least one step behind in all items mentioned above.

LuLu said...

Good luck with your races this week! You must be running a ton because you look amazing. It was so fun to see you last week. We should get together for lunch for some real chatting and catching up!
p.s. Did you know that Rae and Brooklyn are FB friends? How funny :-)

Vanessa said...

Good luck with your races!

~j. said...

Lu! It was so great to see you! I felt bad I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. And everytime I see you, I wonder, "How come we don't hang out more?" I think it's great that Rae & Brooklyn are friends. In fact, she was looking through a scrapbook and I pointed out that Brooklyn was at her birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's (5th birthday? Maybe?). She laughed so hard at the picture of the two of them. Maybe I should scan it, post it on fb, and tag them. :)

~j. said...

cabesh - I can't wait to see you. Hope girls' camp is fun this week!

~j. said...

Gerb - YOU inspire ME in ways I'd have a hard time talking about without crying.

~j. said...

Lyle - LYYYYYYYYYYYLE! I always say it like that in my mind when I see your comments.

~j. said...

Vanessa - thank you! They were great!

Ken Craig said...

Jenny, as long as we are friends, you will always have ME behind YOU in technology stuff. I have no idea how Instagram works. And I even have the app on my phone. Also, I have't read Stephanie's book. Anything else I can be last on? Last one to comment on this blog post, as I'm late to the party. There: everyhing happens in threes, so I am at least good there.