Monday, May 14, 2012

Provo City Center Temple Groundbreaking

On Saturday my family and I attended the groundbreaking for the Provo Hipster Temple Provo City Center Temple. It was a perfect morning, weather-wise - just beautiful. After parking on the street by the Liquor Store (yes, I'm serious) we walked to the ol' Tabernacle where we found some seats on the West side of the lawn (that's so us).

The dedication/groundbreaking ceremony was great. It lasted an hour and consisted of talks by regional church leaders (and one commercial for BYU, which I ignored) (Darin says it wasn't a commercial for BYU, but if I am to maintain that Provo is not BYU - WHICH I DO - then I am to be on the lookout for these sort of nuances, am I not?). During Elder Holland's dedicatory prayer, I found myself with my head not bowed, but, eyes closed, facing the sunshine. Listening to an Apostle's prayer while in the sunshine is my New Favorite. I didn't want that prayer to end.

One of the most entertaining parts of the morning, though, occurred at the beginning of the ceremony. It's not unusual for hot air balloons to take flight in the early Utah mornings, and Saturday was no exception. What was different, however, was that one particular balloon seemed to be being used for a bootleg seat for the ceremony. Now, I've been in a hot air balloon, and I know it's not something that can be steered; it can only go up, down, and spin. Even so, this one was kind of . . . hovering right around the tabernacle. A small part of me was annoyed at the distraction, thinking it irreverent and inappropriate; a larger part of me was thankful that it gave my kids something to look at for a while, and we certainly did wonder if the spectacle would turn disastrous, the balloon got that close to the Tabernacle/Temple. It finally did leave, though, leaving me to turn the rest of my efforts to telling Twitter about the event.


Lyle said...

Thank you for sharing the moment, (the good with the less than good). The old Tabernacle was my favorite place for Stake Conference growing up and a bit later in life… and if I get a chance to visit in the future, I'm sure it will be a new favorite place for peaceful and tranquil temple attendance.

CKW said...

I never want anything that Elder Holland says to end. That guy would have been a dynamite revival preacher back in the day!