Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I wrote this last Mother's Day

I'm writing this the week after Mother's Day, 2011. I think I'll post it right before Mother's Day, 2012.

Mother's Day is weird, can we agree? Even for those of you for whom it isn't a blatantly awkward holiday, it can feel forced.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the things my children are excited about, the things they present to me, the projects from school, the poems and flowers and things they thought about on their own.

That being said, if I'm being honest, Mother's Day isn't the magical day of all-wishes-coming-true, so first thing: let's drop that premise. It's a day to celebrate motherhood, and that's nice.

My ideal Mother's Day would not ever happen: Sleep in (actual sleeping in, no interruptions. NO interruptions), take a bath and then a shower, and go downstairs to find my happy, patient and clean children ready to walk out the door, go to church for the first thirty minutes, go to Grand or Little America for brunch, go to a park to watch my kids play, drive home, take a nap, wake up, go for a bike ride, come home for some grilled salmon and vegetables, and strawberry cake for dessert. The kids take their baths/showers and get to bed (without argument) on time.

See? Never gonna happen.

What would be a realistic great Mother's Day? Not sleeping in (who's the one who reaps the consequences of sleeping in? I am) (and while we're at, can we strike, "My husband let me sleep in!" from our conversations? I mean, don't get me started on the 'let me' aspect of it; if you sleep in but have somewhere to be, like church, which I do, you will be rushed when you finally do get out of bed -- that is the consequence of having slept in), getting to eat breakfast (not in my bed), getting the entire family to church on time, having the kids behave through all three hours (I know) of church, not having to sing any song which includes the phrase, "If not, I have failed, indeed", a delicious and light lunch, a pleasant nap, a family bike ride, grilled salmon and vegetables dinner, kids to bed (as above).

Is it too much to ask?

We'll see.


Jen said...

AMEN! I wonder how this holiday to honor Mom's morphed into such a disappointment for all parties involved? Good idea to adjust our expectations.

Hailey said...


Lyle said...

Hopefully, not being a mom does not disqualify me from being able to reply. I can agree with you wholeheartedly. The way Mother's day is typically celebrated is almost as oxymoronic as not having to work on Labor day. I had to laugh about the sleeping in. Since when do mothers ever get to sleep in and not have to pay the piper

La Yen said...

One year, for Mother's Day, you and I will get a hotel. Where we will sleep in and bathe and lounge. Then we will eat breakfast. Then we will MEET THE FAMILY at the park. Then we will go back to the hotel.

Jaymerz said...

So true!! All these expectations just make everyone miserable. I remember trying so hard as a kid to try and give my Mom a perfect day but it never worked out. Glad I figured out early to let them all go and just enjoy whatever I got!!

mrs jp chaos said...

Mother's Day really is kinda annoying.

The Atomic Mom said...

Perfect Mother's day would not include weird talks at church. (The one last year still makes me cringe it was so weird)...and gratitude at whatever the men-folk have decided to get us gals for a treat. The murmuring in my ward about the treats is embarassing.

Kacy Faulconer said...

Don't get your hopes up.