Monday, March 12, 2012

Eight is Great

It turns out I wrote about this one's birthday when she turned two. At that time in her life, she never stopped talking, and what came out of her mouth was such nonsense we joked that she was speaking Chinese. Here we are, six years later; she still never stops talking and she will, when excited, speak Mandarin.

When we go to her parent/teacher conferences, the first thing her teachers say is, "Well, she's very popular." This annoys me ("Oh, she is! Great! That's why we send her to school, so our work here is done!"), but it doesn't surprise me. She's always been very social. Even when she entered this world, we were having a party in the delivery room: Darin, the doctor & nurses, plus James & Monica, and La Yen. I still laugh at the jokes (inappropriate as they were) being told that day while I was laboring.

Superstar is just that -- a superstar. She tackles whatever is in front of her, and she excels with a smile and a, 'No sweat!' kind of grace. She's in that in-between stage of growing up and still being a little kid (even the sound of her voice reminds me of when she was leeeetle). Her hair is getting thicker, her Big Girl teeth are taking their place, and her hands . . . I study her hands when she's writing or playing piano, and like a puppy whose paws indicate their future size, I can see her growth the most in her strong hands. (Did I just compare her to a dog? I guess, but to be clear, I like her much more than I like dogs.)

Happy birthday, Superstar! Only one more day until you begin planning next year's party!


moosh in indy. said...

Oh she's lovely.

I can only imagine with a mom like you that kid is going to turn out a-ok.

And I puppy compare Addie's hands all. the. time.

Kalli said...

She is a delightful treat that one. Happy Day little lady!

Emily said...

Happy birthday to a true superstar! (And we totally go to school to learn how to be popular. Me? I failed.)

Gerb said...

She just oozes with spunk. I love that.

Kazzy said...

She is adorable!