Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days?

This morning I woke up at 5 to wrap presents, and managed to wrap 25 gifts (24 boxes) before it was time for the kids to wake up.

We only just put our tree up this past weekend, and Darin added a string of lights to our porch roof -- we had been the only house on our block without any outdoor lights.

I'm sadly realizing that the delicious ginger cookies I make give me heartburn.

A few of my kids wear their new snow boots daily, even without the presence of snow.

I have my cards, but have yet to mail them.

Speaking of cards, I've taped those I've received to my wall, and I love to look at them.

Pretty sure I'll take a break and go skiing this weekend.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Tell me: You ready? What's going on over there?


dalene said...

Absolutely nothing done. No tree. No decor. No shopping. When I heard over the radio that there were 12 days left (this was yesterday), my heart stopped. I can't...

Gerb said...

You're already wrapping presents? I'm super impressed. I'm lacking some Christmas oomph this year for some reason but I'm about halfway there.

Mindo said...

No tree as real ones are astronomically expensive here in Malaysia, presents wrapped and exchanged when we went back to the US for Thanksgiving, cards sent early as the mail is unreliable. But I am now feeling decidedly "unChristmassy" even with non-stop Christmas music on the CD player. Not looking forward to our first Christmas in the tropics away from US and UK family, boohoo. Thanks for listening folks as I can't burden my husband with this.