Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Usually when I'm getting ready for a trip, I have trouble sleeping the night before, so I've found that what works well for me is to stay up really late -- sometimes all night -- and do chores. I always do all the laundry in the house before I leave, especially if I'm going somewhere without Darin and the kids because I want to make sure they have all their clothes available and don't have to worry about doing laundry. Even if it is a complete family trip, who wants to come home to no clean clothes? (Of course, I also really love doing laundry, so this is relaxing for me.) Preparing agendas for the trip, but more detailed agendas for any who are staying home, is also something I do. If I'm up ultra-late/early, I'll shower before going to bed (or, more accurately, taking a nap) before it's time to get up and head to the airport. Most always my flights are early in the morning.

What about you? Are you a last-minute throw-everything-in-the-suitcase type? Or is your luggage dutifully waiting by the door a day before you have to leave? Do you sleep well the night before you are scheduled to leave? Tell me how you prepare for a trip.


TheOneTrueSue said...

I need the laundry done and the house clean before I leave. There is nothing I hate more than coming home from vacation to a dirty house. It's bad enough that I have to COME HOME FROM VACATION. I can't face vacation + huge mess to clean.

And if our vacation is spent at a relative's house, I usually try to do some laundry before I leave to go home, so that I can pack clean clothes into the suitcases and unpack them right into their drawers.

(Usually I'm too lazy to do that but it's a goal.)

Blue said...

Your description is similar to mine...always rushing around till the last moment and never quite done packing till the second before I rush out the door (forgetting something, inevitably).

I spend a lot of time before leaving trying my best to make it like I am not actually leaving (mommy guilt)...but in my case, being a part-time flight attendant, I am leaving at least monthly. But sadly, when I return home, I have all the shopping/cleaning/getting things back on track that I did before I left. It never ends.

If I have an early flight, I often can't sleep. I don't know if it's anxiety or what, but the more desperately I NEED to sleep, in order to, you know, FUNCTION, the more evasive it is. So I'm just tired.

I often wish I could be a coffee drinker! ♥

Steph said...

It all depends on the day.

Mrs. Organic said...

I am usually very organized and make lists for everyone - even me. THere was this one time I didn't, and I got to where I was staying and realized I'd left my under wear at home. And then my husband brought it to me.

And then this other time...same thing only I realized it on the way to the airport, so we stopped off and bought some and we missed our flight.

So I'm back to list-making, and everyone asks me if I've remembered my own underwear EVERY time we travel.