Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Tooth Fairy saves the day

Before I tell you about my trip to Hawai'i, I need to tell you about something else.

Remember August?

Yeah, it was hot that day.

Darin graduated with his doctorate, which was awesome, so I wanted to have a party for him. He said he didn't want a party. So I had a party for me and said it was for him.

We were blessed to have many loved ones in attendance during that week of graduation, and so I decided that "Darin's party" would involve Not Cooking, or, Cooking As Little As Possible. We had decided that we would serve Desserts and Drinks, and when it comes to Desserts, there is one place which holds the hearts of the members of These Ecktons like no other:

The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

While our menu was supplemented by The Great Big Chocolate Cake from Costco and a few other things, it's clear that the hit of the party was the mini cupcakes and cakebites we bought from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. In fact, the only thing to rival the STF treats was Cyndi's Awesome Cheesecake She Only Makes Once A Year (I can't wait for that time of year to come up again!).

I hope you've had the pleasure of enjoying some treats from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. There are several shops located in Utah (8, with at least one more in the works), and you can order online for direct shipping. In case you don't know where to start, may I suggest the cakebites?
And while I'm making suggestions, I'll go ahead and add that you should plan on giving Sweet Tooth Fairy treats for holiday gifts (check out the seasonal flavors). You (and your loved ones) won't be sorry.
I'll miss you, fun summer days with loved ones and yummy treats. Now it's time to get ready for fun winter days with loved ones and yummy treats.

Thanks again, Sweet Tooth Fairy! You're the BEST!


Kate said...

I'm drooling over all that root beer sitting in the ice. Both ice and root beer are rare, rare commodities here. And I've got no idea what cheesecake that is that Cyndi makes, but it looks awesome. I feel that as her sister, I should be able to try some of that. I may have to beg for some next time I'm in UT.

Emily said...

I'm craving those salted caramel cake bites you brought to our Sassy night on Saturday. YUM!

Julie Dayley said...

Beautiful buffet pictures! That looks like a great party. Congratulations Darin!

Anonymous said...

Kate, It's the caramel pecan cheesecake that the homestead used to sell. I'll put it on the list as a special exception next time you come. And I will take you to the Sweet Tooth Fairy.

I want some lemon cake bites right now. And some icy root beer. That was the yummiest party ever...


Blue said...

It's been fun to watch Megan's STF shops take off. We grew up in the same ward (but I'm, like, ANCIENT compared to her, so she and I weren't actually peers). Still, I'm so happy for her successes and the growth her business has seen. ♥