Monday, October 17, 2011

Libby's and Habitat for Humanity in Utah

One of my most important tasks each day is ensure that my family eats meals together. I'm talking super-traditional, here: no t.v., no phones or other distractions, just my husband and me and our kids, sitting at the table, eating our dinner and discussing our days. It doesn't happen without the chaos that comes from seven hungry people gathering around a table, but when we sit together, I often find myself looking around, feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, and then saying to Darin, "We have a nice family."

Family meal time is important, and I know I'm not the only one who knows this; you know this, too. Perhaps you've heard the research that when families eat meals together, the result is that children get higher grades, are less likely to be drug abusers, are more likely to eat more healthily, and have more confidence and self-esteem (source).

You know who else knows about the benefits of families eating meals together? Libby's.

Libby's is a company which believes the table is the heart of the home. They also know the reality is that many families struggle just to put food on the table. As such, Libby's has teamed up with local Habitat for Humanity chapters to help families by providing everything needed to create their own family meal time.

Really. Check it out:

Habitat for Humanity Salt Lake City will complete 3 new/refurbished homes for less fortunate families this year. To help get these families Back To The Table, Libby's will provide each of the families who move into these homes with:

~ A pantry stocked with Libby's products to make simple, easy meals for the family
~ A dining table for 6 to have a place to enjoy a meal together
~ Place settings for at least 6 family members

Here's something extra awesome: YOU can help with this project: Libby's is encouraging shoppers to stop by their local Fresh Market between now and Saturday, October 22nd and donate their non-perishable items to help Habitat for Humanity families make mealtime a reality.

Visit for more information, including a variety of recipes and tips for making mealtime easier.

You can also find Libby's on facebook and on twitter.

Remember: from now until Saturday, October 22nd, you can help Libby's and Habitat for Humanity by donating at a local Fresh Market. Thanks for your help!

Disclosure: I am being compensated by Libby's for my participation in this campaign; even so, when it comes to what I write, I speak truth.

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