Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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By the time you read this, I will be well into camping*. Camping. Me. I liked camping when I was younger, but since I've been a mom I've been of the opinion that camping is just going outside to do four times the work I'd do anyway.

Once a year, the Young Women (ages 12-17) in m' church participate in a li'l something called Girls' Camp. I, being not between the ages of 12 and 17, am going as A Leader. Something you may want to know about Mormons is that members of the congregation(s) are asked to donate their time in leadership positions, which is to say that they're not paid for their time. It takes a lot of organization and sacrifice to make these camps (and, frankly, any other activity) happen. Using my own situation as an example: my husband is using his vacation days to stay home with the kids so that I can go . . . be at camp.

Don't get me wrong: I actually volunteered made it known that I would be willing and able to help out with camp this year. Even so, if I'm being honest, I've been dreading it. I don't much like eating outside. To say that mice give me the creeps is a major understatement. Sleeping on my camping cot makes my hips hurt. Plus, I LIKE being home with my family. I like doing laundry and smelling clean things and feeling the A/C on my skin. Oh, and clean toilets and warm showers: those are fantastic.

But we do hard things, right? And, since this is my oldest's first year at camp, I can tolerate being away from my house. In fact, I look forward to the time with her, though I want to be sure to not hover, so that she can have her own experience. On Monday night, we saw a family friend who said, very seriously, to my daughter, "This will be a very important week for you. It will be so . . . awesome. You'll get to have some time on your own where you'll be surrounded by only God's creations, and none of man's creations, and it will be incredible, really great."

I thought it was wonderful that he said that to her, and I felt grateful that I heard what he was saying.

Being without phone or email the week before presenting at a conference? That's worrisome to me. But since there's no way to simply fast-forward to Saturday when I will (very likely) be glad to have gone, I'll just go. Go and be. And do.

*Being away means any comments left won't be posted until my return, since I'm a moderatin' kind o' blogger.


Melissa said...

oh girls camps...Nakia and I were just discussing our years at girls camp and all the "great" memories. ha ha. We were also discussing if it was better going as a leader, you will have to let us know !

newbiemama said...

Ah, girls camp... I actually look forward to doing girls camp (I'm in primary now). Though camping with my family I'm definitely becoming less enamored with. It takes so much work! Just found your blog and I love it!

L. Mo said...

I want everyone to know that ~J made it through the week, and she was awesome. I saw it with my own eyes! There were lots of flies, mosquitoes, gnats, the dreaded mouse and/or mice, a make believe bat and a real bat. She made my week so much more fun than it would have been without her there. She can do hard things.

~j. said...

Melissa - going as a leader is...well, it's different. I mean, more freedom (sort of), but also, camping (for me) as an adult is less enjoyable. So, sixes? PS - hi to Nakia!

~j. said...

newbiemama - welcome! What do you do in Primary?

~j. said...

L.Mo - You're my favorite person with whom to find someone to catch a real bat.

Melissa said...

oh good to know...I can't say that I love to camp now. I want a hot shower, my bed and the AC !