Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 things


Thanks to all of you who chimed in with your supportive words and thoughts. Darin's defense went well. He 'passed, with revisions'. So there's more writing, more meeting and emailing and getting things signed off. Plus the hiring of an editor (the cost of which makes us laaaaaaaugh).


After Darin got home from his defense, we, as a family, went to see Cars 2: The One Everyone Hates. You know what? It took me years to enjoy the first Cars movie. Really. I just kept falling asleep to it. But my youngest two kids really enjoy it, so it's been a recent favorite around here. (How could we not? It was filmed in Southern Utah.) On Friday we were fortunate to find seven seats all together in the theater. I spent quite a bit of time on popcorn runs and entertaining the 3YO in the hallway outside the theater when she got bored with the movie, as well as Being Resourceful with a diaper in my purse but no wipes when wipes were required. But I did see a good portion of the movie. After it was over and we got home, my kids all pulled out guns and started making scenes and chasing each other. Just kidding. But that's what you'd think from all the reviews I've read of the movie, about how it's So Violent and Not Realistic Or Heartwarming like the first movie. Um, what? Realistic? Heartwarming? They're CARS. Look, like the movie or don't. That's it. As for me and my house, we will buy it when it comes out on DVD.


Kacy and I went to see Ira Glass at Kingsbury Hall. (Please click that and read her awesome review.) I like the way she thinks. It was great to spend time chatting with her. She neglected to mention the bully we encountered at Gourmandise, the Tough Guy who tried to start a fight with We Old Ladies who were, I'm not exaggerating, Wearing Blouses. Oh, he was so tough. We do feel sorry for his girlfriend.


Tonight I will be leading a Round-Table Discussion for Lifestyle Bloggers at the Utah Bloggers Summit. Will you be there? This event is done through the facebook group Utah Bloggers Meetup -- if you're not a member and would like to be, please let me know.


My fifth thing deserves its own post, so come back tomorrow so you can see what it is (HINT: A Very Special Rooftop Friday).


Amy Hunter said...

Hey, I know someone who does consultant edit work from home. She actually lives right in our neighborhood. She could really use the work right now, and I'm sure would be A LOT more reasonably priced than others...Saw Cars 2 last night, actually! Ha! Your evening sounded so similar, except we were sans diaper. Let's meet up next time and help each other out. We are excited for Friday!

Kacy said...

I didn't mention what house you belong in either. That's yours to tell. And by "tell" I mean "confess."

I hate that bully.

Jennifer said...

I was out of town last week and didn't get to leave a comment about Darin's big day, so here it is now: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Congrats to him for getting it done, and congrats to you for supporting him, and congrats to your whole family for being able to have more family time coming soon!

sue-donym said...

You. Made. My. Day.

Now to throw in "all because two people..."

~j. said...

Amy - good to know! I got your fb message, I'll reply there.

~j. said...

Kacy - Yes. Slytherin. Although, I consider one of my strongest qualities to be loyalty, which is a Gryffindor thing. But you know what they say: "Sometimes I think we sort too early."

~j. said...
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~j. said...

Jennifer - thank you! Was your 'out of town' a Hawai'i trip?

~j. said...

Sue - All because two people...hm. I'll have to think about that. After I stencil it onto my wall.