Monday, January 03, 2011


It's almost 2:am on Monday, but it feels like Sunday still, even though I've been to bed and woken up several times already tonight (last night?).

In the morning the kids will begin their routine again. Technically, they are more than half-finished with their school year, a fact I find myself reminding me more than anyone because heck if these wintery post-holiday days aren't the longest ever (when, technically, they're the among the shortest ever). We had a nice long family break -- even Darin had some time off -- but my plans for What To Do came crashing down when some of the kids got sick and then I got sick, too. Today was my last day of taking the antibiotic, fingers crossed I'll be completely well this week. Even though I didn't get to check things off my to-do list as planned, I'm grateful for two things in particular: 1, that as annoying as it was to drive around in 5 inches of slush that one day, even as said slush continued to fall from the sky and I didn't feel like driving at all, I finished my errands and didn't have to drive anywhere later when said slush froze and made Provo an ice rink, and 2, that our family spent so much time together, not simply occupying the same space (totally possible, by the way), but enjoying each others' company. I love it when we're all home together -- we all do much, much better this way.

Also -- and have we talked about this before? -- Sundays are not a day for a huge dinner around here. In fact, Sunday meals are simple. Super simple. Filling? Yep. A lot of work? Nope. And we have one big meal, and it's in the afternoon, and the rest of the time, you may certainly help yourself to leftovers or making your own chicken dinosaurs or, if you're me, cereal.

Time to go back to bed. Again.


Mrs. Organic said...

Well, I've been up twice with sick kidlets and now it's my turn. And even with all the sick tummies and sore throats, etc - all this togetherness has been simply wonderful.

It's nice to have life slow down enough that we get to enjoy each other's company. There's a lot to be said for just "being" and being together. It's what family is all about.

AzĂșcar said...

I also cook one meal on Sunday, and it's easy. I'm not the hostess.

Emily said...

We do the one meal on Sunday thing too...and later everyone can help themselves to frozen waffles, chicken dinosaurs, leftovers, cereal or goldfish crackers for all I care! Hope you're feeling tons better!

vanessa said...

I give up on Sundays. I tell my husband if he wants a really nice dinner it is up to him. Because I can't stand that tradition of complex huge dinners on Sundays. Day of rest people DAY OF REST!

~j. said...

Mrs. O - exactly. Just being together is Just enough.

Azu'car - And I'm sure it's perfectly delicious.

Emily - Thanks, hope to be feeling better enough to ride our new scooter soon!

Vanessa - Day of Rest? Never heard of it. heh heh, Really, Sunday is maybe our least restful day . . . but we can try.

Steph said...

We usually eat twice... only because it is the one day a week Brian cooks something. And what he cooks involves bacon. And bacon is from heaven.

~j. said...

Steph, I hope you'll make your way to Provo one morning so we can go to communal together for breakfast. Best bacon I've ever had.