Tuesday, November 23, 2010

if you send a mom to bed

My husband knows me.

And I know him right back.

I have a difficult time falling asleep. One night last week, just for the sake of being able to give an example, I took mental notes: I went to my bedroom, quiet and cool, at about 9:30 pm and tried to rest. Did my usual tricks of reading and not reading, watching hulu and not watching hulu, and finally at 11:45 pm resorted to the ol' turn-off-the-lights-and-be-still. I did fall asleep, but the last time I looked at the clock it read 2:35.

This screws up most everything. If I don't get to sleep early, then I don't get up early. If I don't get up early, then I don't go to the gym. If I don't go to the gym, then I'm sluggish, slow, grumpy. If I'm sluggish, slow, grumpy, then I don't Get Things Done. If I don't Get Things Done, then I feel like A Failure. When I feel like A Failure I act like A Failure. When I act like A Failure I don't shower or get dressed or get anything done until, at the earliest, mid-afternoon. When that happens, I suddenly can get a few things done...but it's dinner time and far more than A Few things need to get done. Before I know it, I'm wide awake from not having done anything all day, but my body is tired from not sleeping, and I find myself in my bed late at night, not doing anything, including sleeping.

Darin knows this about me.

But there's something I know about Darin that he does not yet know about himself, which is this: He Needs Sleep.

Duh, right? We all Need Sleep. But my dear husband (WAIT! Is that what DH means??), as much as he is able to accomplish in each set of 24 hours given him (and believe me, it is much), doesn't give himself the credit to realize that he Needs Sleep. This is evidenced by two things: 1, his nearly daily proclamation, "I don't need much sleep," and 2, his falling asleep while doing, well, ANYTHING. Reading, talking, you name it.

Cue Sunday evening:

Darin found me on a couch downstairs, talking and tiredly playing with our two youngest, who were still awake from the Cursed Late Afternoon Nap o' the Sabbath. "Go to bed," he suggested. "If you get to sleep now, you'll be able to go to the gym in the morning."

I raised my eyebrow.

"Really, I've got this."

I stood up and sighed. "Do you promise that you'll let me know if you're too tired so that I can take over before you fall asleep?"

"I'm not tired. I've actually got a lot of energy right now."

"Mmm-hm," I mumbled as I marched upstairs.

Twelve minutes.

Twelve minutes later I heard him, 3 floors away, snoring deeply.

I went downstairs and saw that he and The Boy were cuddling, both asleep on the couch together, but there was no sign of Atcha. I suspected she might be hiding or playing in her room.

"Baby Girl?" I called softly. "Sweetie, where are you?"

And then I turned my head:


AzĂșcar said...

Hahahah! Just like a little turkey.

I normally don't have issues falling asleep, but lately it's been baaad.

dalene said...

So not fair--everyone got their sleep but you! At least you captured an awesome Kodak moment.

Here's me wishing you some sweet dreams. And soon.

(She says at 5:27 am because she can't sleep.)

Gerb said...

I normally sleep awesome but this little person growing inside of me has had other plans for my body the last month or so. It's worth it for what I'm getting in the end, but it sure makes for some miserable days.

Love the picture.

Living the Scream said...

I love it when kids fall asleep in weird places. My husband falls asleep easily as well. Sometimes in mid sentence.

La Yen said...

I can testify to this. Papi is a true High Council sleeper.

Sister Pottymouth said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I relate in so many ways to this post. And that picture is AWESOMENESS at its best.

~j. said...

Azu' - She is a turkey. You haven't been able to sleep? I mean, I know I'm talking to YOU, but haven't you been exhausted? Growin' people takes so much energy.

dalene - thank you. Enjoy the gym for me.

Gerb - Is Baby awake at night, asleep during the day? Just extra kicky?

Living the Scream - Falling asleep while talking. Awesome.

~j. said...

LaYen - Mmmhm.

Sister Pottymouth - You relate because your princess falls asleep on the table? I'm hoping so because it's really cute.

AzĂșcar said...

Oh, I nap all the time, can't keep my eyes open. It's just at night, when I'm supposed to sleep, sometimes I lay there and think about how much I'd like to be sleeping (and also how much I'd like to win a lottery.)

Jen said...

That picture is priceless! LOVE IT! What a cutie. I love it when kids fall asleep in wacky places.

Melody said...

Love this post. The photo is priceless! Sleep well ~j ... that's my holiday wish for you.

CKW said...

That picture is awesome!!!

grouchyteacher said...

I so relate to this. The Dad can fall asleep anywhere, any time, and sleep through anything including fire alarms. I am not good at sleeping. I guess one of us needs to be awake in case something happens.

Lady Fromage said...

Try melatonin, if you haven't already. Paired with a mug of warm tea, I bet you'll drift right off to sleep! Works for the hubs and me :)

That picture is TOO FREAKIN' CUTE!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

That is funny! Obviously you have the sleep gene because you passed it on to your children. Now you just have to get it to work for you. Have you tried sleeping in the middle of the dining room table? Seems like a winning strategy to me, girlfriend!

Rob Caldwell said...

Wow. That's impressive.

~j. said...

Azu' - Bring a lottery to UT? Hmmm. Let's pray about it.

Jen - no kidding. What's your favorite wacky kid-sleeping place?

Melody - Thank you. I actually did get some sleep over the long holiday weekend. Must have been your wish.

ckw - I wonder if it'll ever happen again. Too perfect.

grouchyteacher - precisely. Somebody's always On Duty, no?

~j. said...

Lady Fromage - I tried melatonin once this summer, on a plane, and it was very relaxing. Perhaps I'll try your remedy, tea included. Thank you!

Adrian - Ha! Guess it's the most comfy place in the house. I doubt it would be quite as cute.

Rob Caldwell - Quite.