Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the treehouse

Back in August, we went to The Treehouse Athletic Club for a sort-of work retreat for some of my husband's coworkers and their families.


I mean...wow.

This place is unbelievable. It's the kind of facility I'd expect to see in Midtown Manhattan. It might be kind of weird to think of a health club as being fancy, but I do.

While Darin was finishing up a few things at work, I took the kids to the club, and first thing checked them into the age-arranged kids' clubs. The older ones didn't have as much fun as the younger ones, but as a parent, I felt secure in having them at the facility. In the upper-level workout area, I was able to keep an eye on my kids in their play areas via a television monitor, which was great.

The locker room itself was unlike any thing I'd ever seen before. I honestly felt like I was in an upscale hotel in there. Quiet, restful, private. I don't know how I could feel so passionately about and recommend a locker room, but there it is.

Once Darin joined us, we checked the kids out of their play areas and headed over to the rock-climbing wall. We had a climbing wall in my high school, a newer concept in the early '90s. I love climbing.

We played some group games on the basketball court, and enjoyed the racquetball courts (I still don't know how to play) before heading out to the pool(s), from which we ordered our lunch which was delivered to us from the on-site cafe. Nice touch, if I do say so.

If I lived close enough to justify joining this club, you can bet I'd sign up for their triathlon club. How perfect.

So, if you find yourself in the Southern part of the Salt Lake Valley, I recommend looking into the Treehouse Athletic Club. You'll feel like a rock star.

**I wasn't compensated to write this post. I wasn't even asked. I just felt like it. I bet the treehouse people don't even know I wrote about it.


Emily said...

And you'll pay like a rock star. It is absolutely gorgeous but I could never shell out that kind of money for a membership. Guess I'm too cheap! Lifetime Fitness (I think that's the name) is another absolutely gorgeous athletic club in South Jordan. It's like a whole other world in there--amazing!

Mrs. Organic said...

What a great concept.

Naomi Miles said...

The gym sounds great and how fun for your children to do the climbing wall. My children have a climbing wall at their primary school (which moves along a wall horizontally so doesn't require safety equipment) and they love it. As soon as they could walk they'd jump on to it while waiting for their older siblings to come out of school!

Kristina P. said...

If you're ever so inclined, you should ask me one day about the scandal at that gym, and why it's often called The Adultree House. It's pretty awesome.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Look at you climb! I love it!

Too bad they don't have facilities like that closer to home. I'd love to try something like that.

~j. said...

Emily - I believe that. Their tri club is the main thing which caught my interest.

Mrs. O - I know! A clean, well-run gym? Go figure.

Naomi - awesome! Climbing is so fun.

Kristina - Oh, I'm inclined.

Living the Scream said...

that looks like the coolest gym ever! and I want to know the story Kristina mentioned!!

Steph said...

I have driven by there on my way to the in laws a few times. It looks magical. I will ask my unicorn to cough up the dough for me to visit it.

Amy said...

I have heard amazing things about this club as well. I wish I had time to join a club period, let alone this very cool posh club. Oh, right and I'd have to justify the spend.

gurrbonzo said...

Haha! I have heard it's pretty fancy.

And I'll echo the Adultree comment...I've heard juicy/heartbreaking rumors about multiple infidelities that began there. I even know people who call it "the great and spacious building" for that reason. But minus the lusting, it sounds awesome.