Tuesday, September 21, 2010

how to play two truths and a lie

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Saturday evening my husband and I were guests at an outdoor social with the theme of "Steak Fry", and featuring a game of Two Truths and a Lie. After the guests had arrived, the host explained the game and gave an example of two truths and a lie. (We need an description of this game? Its title doesn't suffice?) As we enjoyed our steak and accompanying cuisine, guests took notes as to what they would say when it was their turn to present in the game.

The result is that apparently I need to explain some of the intricacies of how to play Two Truths and a Lie.

1. You must have three items ready to present. When you present your first two and then attempt to come up with a your third -- obviously the lie -- on the spot, you are transparent (not a great attribute for this game -- or, when I think of it, probably most games).

2. Each of your three stories need to have the same amount of detail. Again, when you are able to recall the specifics of your Two Truths but not your Lie, it's no fun.

3. Your three situations should be just ridiculous enough with the possibility of being true. For example, my three items were thus:

1. While in high school, I was recruited to attend a college for the performing arts on Broadway in New York City.

2. I recently sang back up vocals on a cd of a local hymn-revival band.

3. I used to play bass guitar in a rock band.

See? They're all just questionable enough while also being just believable enough.*

4. Don't make your lie a technicality. For example: "I've visited 5 European countries" is not an acceptable substitute for the truth, "I've visited 4 European countries".

5. This isn't a rule, I just want to tell you about a funny TT&aL I heard once at a party (not the one last weekend): I like chicken, I like beef, I like shrimp. It made me laugh, but it doesn't lend itself to the point of the game, which is to ... oh, who knows.

It's only a game.

*I didn't sing on that cd, but I wish I had.


La Yen said...

Please to amend this story with the BEST lie.

And here are mine:
One time I got a second-degree thigh-burn from a microwave burrito

One time I had to have a pencil lead extracted from my nalgas

One time I got stitches from walking through a closed screen door

Queen Scarlett said...

I just googled nalgas.
Now I am giggling... and ouching but mostly giggling for you layen. ;-)

~j - I want to hear more about the recruiting...did you go?

1. I danced during half-time at one Young's many MVPs in SF.

2. I danced with a chipndale.

3. I learned to do a little hip hop at a class with Doiminic from SYTYCD

Am I playing this right?

~j. said...

la yen - I totally believe the first one because I once got a thigh burn from making rice krispie treats. I call bs on #3.

qs - I'll have to email you with that story. It's not too terribly exciting and no, I didn't go. It seems you are playing it right, and I'll go with...yikes, those are good. Let me think about it and I'll get back with my answer.

Holly said...

Guess which of these lies is a lie.

1)When I was 14, I lied to an older girl about having attended a concert...then I couldn't think of the names of any bands when she asked who I'd seen.

2)When I was 12, I lied to a bunch of British kids when I told them I knew who'd shot JR on Dallas. I'd never even seen Dallas.

3)When I was 16, I lied to my choir teacher when I told him I'd met Kiri Te Kanawa after she performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in SLC.

Emily said...

Love the suggestions/rules for this game. Haven't played it in ages, but I remember it being fun only when people knew how to play.

cw said...

1. When I was a junior in high school I got pulled over for jay-walking in downtown Washington D.C.

2. Last fall I removed debris from an apatosaurus's fossilized hip joint.

3. About 10 years ago I found myself standing in line next to Karl Malone and I let him take cuts in front of me because he only had one item and my cart was full.

~j. said...

qs - #2
holly - #1
emily - it should be played more often.
cw - #3

Holly said...

I'm not a chronic liar--promise. Perhaps that's why my stupid moments of duplicity stand out in my mind so vividly.

The Lewis Family said...


1) i have been handcuffed and arrested, for unpaid registration ticket that was actually paid

2) i broke the handle bar of the motorcycle from terminator wax figure at the movieland wax museum in buena park, cali

3) i have been in as an extra/worked on as assistant to casting director in a mormon movie, the rm


Tauni said...

A game on your blog...love it!

If I wasn't so tired I would totally come up with three things, because I rock at this game in real life.

What does that say about me???

See what sort of deep thoughts you provoke :)

Steph said...

My real life is so full of crazy tales my lie would be so boring. We should have a GNO and play this. I love you.