Friday, July 30, 2010

Mindy Gledhill's Anchor

We've been dancing all around the house this week, my kids, my husband, and me, thanks to some refreshing new tunes. May I present?

My friend Mindy has been working tirelessly for about a year or so on this new labour of love. I remember brunching with her on New Year's Day (post-workout for both of us) and discussing all the work which would go into this album. I was, and remain, impressed and awed at all this woman has worked, has done, has sacrificed, for this project. It's a treasure.

The music itself matches the brilliant design of the album's cover (by Jed Wells, photography by Wendy Whitacre), feeling like a carefree day at a seaside park. From the catchy California-inspired sing-along pop songs to the make-shift waltzes (may I recommend waltzing with your family in the kitchen?), this album has the very effect of a sunny, vacation day: at its end, everyone is found calling, "AGAIN!"

I love that this is music that my entire family can enjoy together. The lyrics, "Oh, I want to know/All about your mom and your favorite song/And why you hypnotize me," are reminiscent of my younger days of crushes. Those, along with the lyrics, "I wanna hold the whole wide world/right here in my open hands/Maybe I'm just a little girl/A little girl with great big plans" . . . these are lyrics I can be excited for my daughters to sing.

Of all the songs, there is a tie for most-played song: All About Your Heart (to which my oldest has already begun choreographing a dance), and Mi Ancla, the bonus track in Spanish. (Did you know we speak Spanish in our home? Mmmhm, si.) I prefer any tracks with backup vocals so I can imagine myself getting to sing harmonies with Mindy again.

On Monday (only three more sleeps!) Mindy will be giving a concert to promote this new album. I just checked and there are still some seats left at The Covey Center, so get yours today. You don't want to miss this concert, featuring The Thrillioinaires (Lisa, Brett, Hailey*, Iloveyouguys). Also, the money you pay for admission to the concert goes to revitalizing The Arts in downtown Provo. (The Arts, Provo, Iloveyouguys). And don't forget a li'l extra cash to pick up your own copy of Anchor before it drops in stores.

See you at the concert on Monday! Enjoy your weekend! I'll be here, still dancing.

*Speaking of Hailey, I think she should win. You can very easily vote for her. Don't you think she should win?


Emily said...

Are you going? Yay! I'd love to see you again! My girls and I can't wait for her concert. We have our tickets. Yippee!

Justin Hackworth said...

See you there!

Vern said...

The cover alone makes me want to turn a cartwheel. That reminds me, I should learn to do cartwheels.