Monday, June 21, 2010

weekend with angels

Saturday morning b. and sue picked me up at 6:10 and we headed to Thanksgiving Point to participate in the Running With Angels 5K. It's a fundraiser for Women's Services at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, and highlights families who have lost children. This being a soft spot for me, I was eager to participate.

We helped fill up the swag bags with the tshirts and waterbottles and then got ready.

b. was so kind. She purchased a memorial bib for me, which I proudly displayed on my booty:

Just one more detail to make it perfect:

Just before the race began, there was a ceremony honoring certain families who had lost loved ones -- it was very touching. Three families released doves into the air while we had a moment of silence.
I cried. (I'm like that.)

As for the race itself, I had two personal goals: 1, run more than walk (check!), and 2, do the race in 45 minutes. My chip time was 43:17.52. I'm not a fast runner, but I'm very pleased with this result.

I had never been through the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It was so beautiful, a li'l treasure hidden over there. (A waterfall?!? Are you kidding me?) And the whole atmosphere was just so peaceful, so hopeful. At one point, as a woman ran past me, I heard her quietly encourage me, "Go, Taylor!" Oh, the tears.

Beauty, all around. The entire race.

I'm already planning on next year, and I hope to see more of you there, too.

After races, I have a surprising amount of energy, or, at least, I'm not tired enough to nap. I got to go to a friend's birthday lunch and then later the same friend's birthday dinner (isn't that what birthdays are really about? Having whatever you'd like to eat for every meal?). It was a great day.

Sunday brought church and our kids singing with the rest of the congregation's kids -- to their dads. It was great to see four of our children at the front of the chapel, and it won't be long before Atcha is right up there with 'em. li'l ~j. is at that almost awkward stage -- part of a handful of kids who are a tad too tall to be up there, on the brink of moving up to the youth program.
Darin cried. (He's like that.)


Kalli Ko said...

My last few years in primary I was the angry tall girl slouching in back. I'm sure all my teachers loved me. A joy, I was a joy.

AND HOORAY FOR MY LADYFRIENDS! I wish I would have known about it, I would have walked/shuffled it with you.

Kacy said...

Um. Sorry I hijacked so much of your time this day and spent so much of it TALKING ABOUT MYSELF. But thanks again.

b. said...

Nice yellow shirt!

Rynell said...

Loved this. I need to run that race with you next year.

cabesh said...

And I cried reading this (because I'm like that).

Love you!

amy said...

what a wonderful race and a fantastic cause. i'll have to watch for this race next year - even if I walk more than I run.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey! Anything like that... I want in!!! Yes I DO! :)

That looked awesome and sounded so beautiful!

b. said...

Nice buns!

~j. said...

Kalli - you'll be there next year. Mmmkay.

Kacy - hijack, schmijack. It was a perfect day, and you are a major part of that. I love to get together with you.

b. - so pretty!

Rynell - you're on!

~j. said...

cabesh - aww. I'm glad we're like that.

amy - see you there!

Shelle - You'll fly up, right?

b. - it was a photographer trick, I'm sure.

Heather of the EO said...

You rock. So does your booty.

This is the stuff of life. You're inspiring.

Mrs. Organic said...

I just look up to you and your passion for your children - all of them - so much.

Aubrey said...

Very touching post. I still remember that sad time. So nice to see you turning the negative into a positive. (You're like that.)

Also, you look great. All that working out is really working for you!

b. said...

Thank you for going early with me and for helping with the swag bags.
When I heard about this...I knew you needed to be a part of it.

Amy Hunter said...

You always inspire me when I read your blog. Bless you. I want to do this race with you gals next year! Ive never done a 5k, but I could work for it. Yeah, baby!

Holly said...

I am so behind in reading this, but I would love to do this with you in 2011 (May 21st). Please contact me (if you want).