Monday, May 10, 2010

so that I sneeze less than all the time

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I went and hired a lawn guy. He's great. His letterhead reads The Old Guy Lawn Service. I found him through my friend Mindy. Lawn Guy's name is Jerry, and he's very kind.

I am under strict orders from my allergist to never do yard work. Darin loves doing yardwork, in fact he finds it to be relaxing, but Every Spare Second is dedicated to Dissertation -- or should be, which is how I figure that hiring Jerry is simply my way of doing my part to make sure Darin can finish Dissertation, YOU'RE WELCOME.

I began an email correspondence with Jerry, a few days after which he came to my home to give me an estimate. Later that day, I gave him some money and he spread some get-rid-of-weed stuff on the lawn, giving it a day to set in. When he arrived at our home on Friday morning to mow, he regretfully told us that the previous night his trailer with all of his lawn equipment had been stolen from the side of his house. Luckily, he's insured, so he will be able to replace it, and he was nice enough to use his personal equipment to mow for us that day, but this whole situation reminded me of what happened to my friend Gerb, about which she posted here and here. Stealing lawn mowers? Why? WHY?

Do you do your own yardwork?
If so, do you enjoy it?
How much would you pay a kid to pull weeds for you?

In other news, I'd appreciate your input on my latest poll on my sidebar, entitled "Niche".

Happy Monday!


Gerb said...


We live in a Zoo! said...

My husband and I like doing our own yard work. Of course our yard is pretty small, but just the same I'd rather do the work myself than pay someone to do it for me. We enjoy it, most of the time ;D

La Yen said...

I think someone in P-Town must be building the most bitchin go-cart ever.

I water and fertilize and when W is gone I mow.

I would pay all I have for someone to weed for me. Because my yard is nothing but weeds. Unfortunately, I have about $8.

AzĂșcar said...

I hate yardwork; it makes me sneezy and it doesn't keep.

If I could afford to have gardeners on staff, I would do it immediately.

I would pay a child weeder a five bucks an hour. When can they start?

Sue said...

(Compulsive need to be heard re. poll vote: French pronunciation of "niche" comes off pretentious, as do most French pronunciations of anglicized words. JMHO)

As for my yard work? Nope. I don't do it. Which is why I LOVE my gardeners.


Kalli Ko said...

who says neesh? honestly

I like yard work, when it's my own

I hate everyone else's, like my mom's all growing up

AzĂșcar said...

I say "neesh" (of course I do) because that's how you say it.

Emily said...

The only yard work I enjoy doing is planting the pots that sit on my porch. That's it. Period. And my husband isn't a fan either. Good thing we have 12- and 10-year-old girls who "get" to mow the lawn and help with the yard work. If we could afford a lawn service we would TOTALLY do it. Why not support someone in their entrepreneurial pursuits?

Mrs. Organic said...

My standard answer is - That's why I had kids.

But actually, I love yard work. Or any excuse to be outside in the sun.

The Lewis Family said...

We had our ladder stolen and our bike stolen, they took off the bike trailer, worth 10 times the bike, and took the bike...sad people in this world


Motherboard said...

I just hired a law guy too. Best money I will ever spend!

My neighbors just had their trailer stolen, so they got a gigantic piece of plywood and spray painted a message to the thieves. HILARIOUS.