Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, Kacy, it's been two weeks

Ahhh...that was nice.

A hearty welcome to those of you who have joined the ranks in stopping by here due to reading some of my thoughts on gender socialization, or reading my husband's thoughts on helping a wife through the grieving process. By the way, thank you for all the comments, the support, the shared experiences. I'm glad you're here.


St. George was great! Other than being there once for my brother's wedding, I hadn't really spent any time there. It's a nice li'l treasure down there, innit? For those who may not know: geographically speaking, Southern Utah is a different planet from the rest of the state, with its red rocks and heat and whatnot. (Did you know that The Biggest Loser Resort is located near St. George? I want to go to there.) A dance competition for li'l ~j. was the reason for our having to travel southward, and we made an extended-weekend family vacation of the trip. It was fawesome to have the day's biggest worry be: Shall we go swimming again? And if so, should we use the indoor pool, or the outdoor pool? (Outdoor, of course!) Props to Budget Inn & Suites, which, in addition to the two pool options, has an indoor and outdoor play area. This place understands that families with young children need something to do while they're staying at the hotel. I heartily recommend this place (one word of beware: The 'refrigerator' in the room is barely big enough to hold one take-out box).


One of my babies turned ELEVEN years old, and another turned two. It was suggested to me by our pediatrician that it's time for Atcha to ditch the binky, to which I replied that She Is My Baby And Can Have Her Binky For As Long As She'd Like Because She'll Be My Baby Forever And Can Do Whatever She Feels Like She Wants To Do. And then I pretended to not want to cry.


With all else that has gone on around here these past two weeks, perhaps the most impactful would be something that happened early Saturday morning. One of our sweet neighbors passed away. We've lived in our home for nearly 7 years; my kids have referred to Lewis as The Grandpa. His body has been progressively racked from Parkinson's, among other things. Over the past year or so his walks around the block were shortened to walks to just the mailbox, and then to laps around the cul-de-sac. More than a handful of times my husband or I had been alerted by one of our children to run outside to help our dear neighbor who had fallen over during one of his walks. His body simply wouldn't obey his mind's commands to operate the way he wished. Since Saturday morning our street has been saturated with various vehicles, with people coming by to check on Jean. They have been married for a billion and fifty years, and have scores of descendants. The funeral is this week. There is a peculiar feeling of sorrow for our now-widowed neighbor combined with relief that Lewis is no longer suffering in his body.


And so we move on, taking notice of the beauty of spring, the new changes and such. Getting ready for a race, straining to endure the last month of school. Recitals and projects and lessons, sneezing all the while. What's new with you?


Kacy said...

I'm glad you had a nice break--even if it was kind of selfish of you.

PS Darin's piece was really wonderfully written.

Rynell said...

I love this "straining to endure the last month of school." Me too!

Monica said...

I'm training for a triathlon.

Oh wait, no I'm not.

Yer the bomb.

cw said...

well there's mostly just that cat thing.

and that race thing.

glad you had a good time in red country.

kids grow up too fast.

sorry about your neighbor.

Melissa Levesque said...

Hmm, new...building a deck, 2 year old gave up binkies, cast all the way up to the armpit on the 4 year old. That about sums it up!

The binkies, by the way, went to a good home: we put them in a bag and brought them to day care to give to the teacher in the infant room. Sara was so proud to give them away, and when she asked for one that very night and I reminded her that babies got them, she was quite fine with it. Thought that would be a big struggle.