Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not twins: an explanation

Mid-April, 2010. St. George, Utah, Target parking lot. On a date with my 8 & 1/2 year old daughter, we're looking for a parking space when she makes an observation.

Curly: Mom, look! Twins!

~j.: Oh yeah? Where?

Curly: Right there, and they're grownup twins!

~j.: Oh? [sees them] Oh. Um, they're not twins, Honey.

Curly: But they're dressed the same, and their hair is the same.

~j.: Yeah, but they're not twins. In fact, what that means is that they're married to the same man.

Curly: What?!

~j.: Yep. That's what that means. Almost like a uniform.

Curly: Both those ladies have just one husband together?

~j.: Yes. What do you think of that?

Curly: Ew. That's weird.

~j.: I agree.



Gerb said...

Did their bangs match, too?

We live in a Zoo! said...


Monica said...

Ah, southern Utah and it's pligs.

Did you tell them hi from La Yen? They were probably her relatives.

Jerry said...

Who could it be....who could it be that would confuse the little children...I just wonder who!!!!

La Yen said...

And don't eat their cookies, Monica!!

Kalli Ko said...

And then you used that conversation as a springboard into the history of Brigham Young!

Emily said...

Love it! That is too funny! Kids are seriously awesome!

Nicole said...

LOL wow. I can totally see myself having that conversation with Rosie. We've been having some pretty deep talks lately...last week was about why babies come out head-first.

Sue said...

I think I'm glad I never had to make that explanation in California.


Hannah said...

haha! I love kids.

Shar said...


When my high school boyfriend first moved to St. George to play football, he called me and said it was Pioneer Day, because everyone at the mall was dressed like a pioneer. Yeah, it wasn't. Just a bunch of poligs!

See Mom Smile said...

Love early lessons in polygamy. Next week you can watch Big Love with her :)

Kacy said...

I had to explain lesbians yeaterday, which is similar, but different.

sue-donym said...

St George is where the Princess received her education on the pliggy's. Scarred for life.

La Yen said...

Sue, I received my education at a family reunion. Serio.

AzĂșcar said...

And I, at the Benihana in SLC.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hahahaha.........yuck! It's so hard not to stare...

Anonymous said...

Ah, it warms my heart to see women not holding grudges against other women. How very Christlike of you all. Way to teach your daughters to be tolerant and accepting.

I know fundamentalists seem insane but honestly, you sound like a bunch of bigots. "pliggy" is rude and derogatory. The LDS church needs to accept its complicated history and not push it under a self-important and intolerant rug. We Mormons may not feel comfortable around them, but regardless of the extremes of their religion we have no right to be so cruel. I'm just a little ashamed to say I'm LDS right now after reading these comments.

Also, lesbians are not the same as religiously fundamental polygamists. Are you INSANE? One is at least partially genetically predetermined and one is purely a life choice. You guys sound about as kind and unprejudiced as Warren Jeffs himself right now.

I'm sorry I went off, ~j, I normally really like your blog and your intelligent posts, but these comments are too much. I wish I had the courage to use my real name, but I'm sorry, I don't.

~j. said...

Hi, Anonymous,

Thank you for saying that you like my blog & intelligent posts. You don't need to apologize for going off, but I do want to defend a few of the comments you criticize.

The post itself illustrates an innocent moment where my daughter thought she saw twins. Maybe that goes without saying. You did say that it's the comments that are too much, not the post. Just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't not "teaching my daughter to be tolerant and accepting."

Monica (comment #3) grew up in Southern Utah with 'pligs'. When she first, years ago, used that term in a conversation that she and I were having, I didn't even know what she was talking about until she said that it is short for polygamist. Since she grew up with polygamist children as classmates, she has more experience with this situation than I do; maybe it is simply a phrase that is used where polygamist lifestyles are more prevalent, I don't know for certain because I haven't lived in such an area. As for the notion of it (using the word) being called cruel, I can only presume that those who have left such comments on this forum have done so light-heartedly, this being a light-hearted post; I don't make excuses for my friends, but I don't presume that they have cruel intentions.

Also, LaYen (comments #5 & 15) is a direct descendant of polygamists, a fact which she freely and happily discusses, recognizing the complexities of how her family history ties into religious practicies that are no longer in place, etc., etc., so perhaps she might have more to say on this subject, both from her experience and as a frequent commenter on this blog.

You don't need to feel ashamed to be LDS after reading these comments. There are far more articles, blog posts, and comments at which to find offense than you ever could at this URL.

Re: Kacy's comment (#13) about teaching about lesbians: Insane? No. Do you know Kacy? The 'About' section on her blog reads: "I like stuff. But I hate some stuff." Brief, amusingly contradictory. Just like her comment here.

"As kind and unprejudiced as Warren Jeffs himself"? Please. Let's not do this. Not here.

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting.

Monica said...

Plig is a term that we used because as a child poligamist was a big word. As for it sounding more like "pig" than "polig", that is because I grew up in southern utah and the proper pronunciation of Polygamy is pligamy. Just like a tarantula is a tri-antula.

I didn't mean to sound "rude and derogatory". I'll be more careful with how I phrase things in the future.

Ana said...

I found this post rather funny, because I can totally relate to this sort of difficult explanation to our young ones.

I did find the term "plig" kind of horrifying when I read the comments. I spent five years in Utah and never heard it, so maybe it's a southern thing (I was rarely past SLC as my university was up north). As an outsider, it struck me as a term that allows you to laugh at someone else in a stereotypical way. Maybe I'm off base, and polygamists use this term themselves (which makes it palatable), but otherwise, it's a bit of a turn off.

Saimi said...

I'm left speechless after anonyomous's comment. I thought it was a cute post and took it as you intended it to be.

Stopping by from MMB, and proud to be LDS.