Friday, April 30, 2010

not stealing, it's just how it is

I've been up since 2:45 am. I've already gone to the gym where I did an hour + of cardio, plus a weight circuit with Trainer John. I still have loads of energy. What on EARTH is going on?

Here I sit on my bed with my new laptop, my son sleeping next to me, my girls bustling downstairs, my husband calling me to join them for our family scripture study.

I just read my friend Courtney's blog. (One of her blogs. She's got, like, eleven.) (I'm linking to it because I feel bad that hardly anyone reads her blogs). Go read today's post, and then come back here. I'll wait. In fact, I'll go to Family Scripture Study while you go read Courtney's post from today. Meet me back here as soon as you're done.


Alright, we're back.

And here is my post for the day:

I like Indian food, and I like to phone in my order. Something interesting happens when I do this:

"India Palace, how may I help you?"

"Hi, I'd like to place an order for pick-up, please."

"What would you like?"

"Vegetable Masala, please."


"Yes, please."


"Mutter mushroom, please."


"Yes, please."


"Raita, please."

"Raita, yes. And garlic naan?"

"Yes, please, two."

"Two garlic naan, yes. And?"

"That's all."

"Okay. This in Ani, yes?"


This is how it happens. He knows my order, and how I like it prepared. He knows my face. He remembers me, he just thinks my name is Ani.


Now, more than a post, I'm thinking this is crossing over into scientific theorizing:

~ Why would Courtney and I post about this on the same day?

~ Why are our situations so similar?

~ Does this happen to anyone else?


Naomi Miles said...

Whenever I say my name at the start of ordering my Indian food, the guy on the other end always says 'Ah, Mrs Miles! How are you?' followed by the order being taken pretty much how you described! He also knows I always pay by card when I order rather than cash on delivery... a good curry house knows it's customers!

Laura said...

I wanted to comment because I work at an Indian restaurant in the UK and I take a lot of orders over the phone. Trust me, the Indians I work with take great pride in knowing their customers and in knowing their orders and they're always making me memorise who people are and what they eat.

So it probably happens to a lot of people.

cw said...

that's so nice of you to send some traffic courtney's way.

i don't have a take-out place like that, but my kids do, and it is called mom. she doesn't know how to make Indian food, but does decent Thai and she knows her customers by name, too.

after reading laura's comment i want to call the UK and order some Indian food. maybe she could have my son deliver it, because i'm missing him today.

c jane said...

Ani. Hahahahahaha.

cabesh said...

We have a favorite Mexican restaurant where it's like that.

Emily said...

Now I'm craving Indian food, which doesn't happen very often. I definitely need to do the takeout thing more often so someone knows my name/voice/order/payment preference!

AzĂșcar said...

I want to be a regular.

La Yen said...

I just...I just NEED Chicken Coconut Korma and some Peshawari Naan.

Melody said...

I need some Indian food... "yes. And?"

On the scientific theory: this often happens with popular bloggers. Didn't you know?

b. said...

I don't love Indian food, but I do LOVE my friend Kulwinder who owns the place with her husband.

RocktheBoom said...

There was this author who would come and do signings at Wbooks once a month and he thought my name was Kirsten. After a wile I just became her..He was about 80 years old and I was raised not to question your elders.