Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"I have to quickly check my email"

(photo stolen from facebook)

Dear Lisa,

I phoned you yesterday to ask your permission to write this, but there was no answer, and you know how I am about leaving messages. Now that I think of it, though, I think I'd better just write it instead of you telling me that you DON'T want me to write it. Not that you would, but justincase.


Do you know my friend Lisa? Of course you do, because she is Completely Famous.

Do you know what BYU is? Of course you do, because it is sort-of famous.

Do you know what Women's Conference is? Of course you do, because you like to go to EFY For Moms.

Some points of note:
~ I'm a huge fan of Lisa.
~ I'm not a fan of BYU.
~ I'm currently not a fan of EFY-ish things, although I'm grateful they exist and for the role they've played in my life. (Did you know that I met LaYen's W at an EFY when I was 16 years old?)

I think that I have more in common with Lisa than maybe any of my other friends. We both grew up Elsewhere and now enjoy living in Provo. We're both raising 5 children. We're both married to good men who love, in order: God, their wives, their children, education. (*Please note that my saying 'their wives' refers to one wife each. It does not imply that each have more than one wife. See: previous post, and Ew.*) Said husbands are each finishing (doNOTgetusstarted) their doctoral degrees in the same program. Lisa and I can have conversations like this: "You know when...?" "I know." "Yeah! I mean, you know?" "Yes, I KNOW!" Because we do. We really, really do.

I love Lisa more than I don't like BYU and BYU Conferences, so tomorrow I'm headed into a sea of denim jumpers, white keds, and rolling backpacks to hear my friend Lisa speak. Her topic is Not Letting The Digital Dominate In Our Lives. Isn't that wonderful? I mean, we're all affected by this on some level, aren't we? "I need to quickly check my email," results in 48 minutes of reading news and blogs, clicking links and checking facebook statuses, and it's only after we've turned off our computers that we realize that we never did check our email. Not that it's all bad. Because it isn't! Blogging, or living with technology in any form, is a part of life . . . it's just that sometimes we can get carried away and forget that Life is also a part of life. We should be living for the sake of being rather than for the purpose of tweeting.

If you'll be at Women's Conference tomorrow (it's a two-day party), you can find me at Lisa's session. I'll be in the front row with my laptop and blackberry at the ready.

Will you be at Women's Conference?
If so, are you local, or are you traveling a great distance to attend?
Which classes are you looking forward to?


Emily said...

I've always wanted to go to Women's Conference if only to dust off my denim jumper. No, really. I'd love to go but can never wrangle up the babysitting.

And I'm cracking up with the "I just need to check my email" thing. I always sit down to do that and always forget--an hour later and I have yet to check it, but I have read some great blog posts including this one!

La Yen said...

When I was at the BY (which I loved and still love)I HATED women's conf. Because it meant that I would get rear-ended, have no parking, and all of the bagels would be sold out.

But I would have braved it a million times to hear LisaV speak. She's totally famous, you know.

Gerb said...

Yessssss! I will be in the Marriott Center the whole time on Thursday and most of the time on Friday and, for reasons I am not supposed to disclose, I am not allowed to leave my little seat on the floor. But you can come say hi if you get the chance!

I'm looking forward to the opening session Thursday morning with Sister Beck.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I wont be able to make it but my sister is going. I wonder if she will be in Lisa's session, hmm?

{natalie} said...

i am not going, but i bet you will have a great time. i'm glad you are back to blogging after your little break. thanks for always saying hi at the big C, it is always so fun to see you and chat a bit.

have fun at WC

Emily said...

That's a nice endorsement of a cute friend. I'll look for you.

I love BYU, thoroughly, although it isn't something that has come totally naturally. I'm curious about your dislike. Sometime let's talk about that.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a babysitter! Surely my husband could stay home and let me use his parking sticker? (WHY hasn't that plan ever occurred to me before? And when it was soon enough to put it into action?)

I kinda doubt you'll see denim jumpers, but I could be wrong. I want a report on the attendees' fashion choices. :)

Naomi Miles said...

I love Lisa. I first met her the day after she and Chris arrived in England with two little boys the same age as mine. She sat by me during RS (first meeting at church here) and confessed she hadn't slept all night, her kids were on Utah time. (She looked awesome for having no sleep!) Lisa makes me laugh... here's where I wish I was in Provo to see her talk!

Kacy said...

I love BYU and Lisa and now I love Women's Conference. What letter should we meet at tomorrow? Portal N for namaste?