Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last week, one of my children had a birthday. As per Birthday Law, said child got to pick what to have for dinner, and said child chose McDonald's. As in, go there and eat there and play there.

I'm-a stop right here to remind you that I hhhhhhhhhhhate that McDonald's. I watched Super Size Me, oh yes I did. I forbade anyone within my stewardship from eating food from there, yes I did. Then I began to s t r e t c h those rules, allowing it ONLY on road trips and ONLY if we couldn't find a Subway. Recently I made a decision that part of being a kid is going to McDonald's, so we go every now and again. But I don't eat it. Cuz that stuff is gross.

My brood took their seats in a rounded booth right next to a flat screen television which was mounted on the wall. As I brought the food to the table, Curly asked me, "Mom, is it okay if we watch that t.v. while we eat?"

I looked up at it. Fox News. Blurg. Some show with Beck, Hannity, That Other Guy, and Whoknows Whoelse. "Yeah, that's fine, just don't listen to anything they say."

"What, Mom?" asked li'l ~j..

"Mami esta bromeando," Darin chuckled to the girls.

"No, I'm not."

Not three minutes into the show, one of the characters referred to our President in a degrading manner, even calling him a name, a move which was not lost on my oldest.

"Mom, are they talking about the President?"


"President Obama?"


"And they called him a name?"


"That's rude."

"I think so."

"That's so disrespectful, Mom! Is this the news?"

"No, it's the circus."


Mindy Gledhill said...

I love this post! I too despise McDonald's and I too have a hard time with those talk shows. The hosts are all about melodrama and invoking fear to get across their views. Ugh. Don't get me started, Eckton.

Linda said...

Yes McDonalds is gross but it is a right of passage. Yes name calling is rude even if you didn't vote for him.

vanessa said...

My love for McDonalds ended after eating it in an airport...then being sick 8 months pregnant in the airplane potty.

It ended fast.

I might be dry heaving while typing this.

Emily said...

I tune out those shows whenever possible. As for McDonald's, I do love me a $1 large Diet Coke with extra ice and I won't tell you what else I enjoy there. It might make you vomit in your mouth...twice.

Kacy said...

I actually enjoy a quarter pounder with cheese, but what do I know--I voted for President Obama.

AzĂșcar said...

Nothing wrong with a little Infotainment along with your processed meat-like products!

c jane said...

I second Azucar.

David said...

Last night in the gym locker room (where the TV is always tuned to Fox news) I was treated to a back-and-forth between Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity about health care reform getting crammed down our throats, and I so badly wanted to cram some mechanically separated chicken nuggets down their throats to shut them up.

~j. said...

Mindy - I get the feeling that you and I could talk about this together for a very long time.

Linda - Exactly.

Vanessa - You got to fly while 8 months pregnant?

Emily - Twice? Like, a double-something? Dollar menus draw us in, don't they?

Kacy - I also voted for President Obama, and I like Zupas.

Azu'car - 50 piece! For $9.99!

cjane - We all second her.

David - They play FoxNews in my doctor's office, too. It makes me eager to leave.