Wednesday, January 27, 2010

at work AND speculative

Oh, hello! Where have I been? So nice of you to ask.

I've been here. Light on the posts, for which I hope you can forgive, as I'm busy transcribing. Really, REALLY interesting stuff.

Also, we've been spending lots and lots of time with our close, personal friend, Bill Allred and his family. If you don't believe me, just ask him (but make sure to ask him this week).

In addition, I may or may not have been spending time looking for a new house because my husband may or may not have seen a mouse, which certainly justifies moving in my opinion. Hypothetically.

What about you? What have you been doing? Do your thoughts align with mine (and my brother's) that if you see a mouse that the best idea is to just move?


Patti said...

um, finally someone who shares my feelings about the spotting of a mouse. Awesome.

Moving is completely understandable. Even encouraged.


Emily Hill said...

Saw a mouse soon after moving into our new home. I would've considered moving again if I hadn't just unpacked! Glad you're back!

Camille said...

I hate mice... my first encounter was with a dead one. in my house. under my bed. I still moved.

Dexter's Girl said...

There is a blog called Rocks in My Dryer. There is a link there to a post she wrote called something like "Open Letter to the Mouse Under My Fridge." Hilarious. I highly recommend it. I, however, can't agree with the thought to move if you find a mouse in the house. I CAN recommend those traps that are round and the trap is inside. The mouse trips the trap and the trap closes up so there's no nastiness that you have to deal with. And I recommend peanut butter and cheese inside. And I recommend putting all the cereal/grain in your food storage (packaged of course) in big clear rubbermaid tubs that have the snapping handles on them. Hypothetically, of course. GOOD LUCK!!

Jennifer said...

There's room for your family in our neighborhood :)

vanessa said...

Honest to goodness we moved to this house because of a mice next in my wall in my old house. It was a nightmare. One day they all came upstairs and I freaked out so bad I put in my cars and then next thing I knew I was opening the door to a church I had never been to...walking in thinking I was going to church in my pjs. Honest to goodness.

Also you transcribe? I did that for awhile too.

~j. said...

Patti - welcome! I think we, with our opinions on mice, need to stick together.

Emily - thanks! Did I see you at the Kalli Extravaganza? If so, I promise you this: next time I won't be too shy to introduce myself.

Camille - siiiick. I found one in a trap today. Behind the washer. Which is why I couldn't do any laundry. You understand.

CKSCJ - I have read that blog before. Food storage? What's that? (i keed, i keed)

Jennifer - But does your neighborhood have mice? (Incidentally, someone asked me which high school is assigned to your neighborhood. Do you know?)

vanessa - I absolutely, 100% believe that because it's EXACTLY what I would do. As for the's for my husband's dissertation. He's finishing up his doctorate, and if there's anything I can do to speed along the process, well, I'll do it.

Jennifer said...

We are in the Centennial middle school and Timpview HS part of town. And I couldn't be happier with our elementary school -- Provost!

Kemp Kuties said...

Are squirrels part of the mice family? If so, I have a squirrel story for you!

Charleston, SC: we cut down our Live Oak tree; found squirrel nest in tree; I felt bad for teeny, tiny squirrels who were in nest; moved nest to back yard. Mom squirrel ate hole in our back door; dragged her several baby squirrels inside house; ate a second hole in wall to bedroom; could hear squirrels scratching and screeching in wall; cut hole in wall - two separate occassions - to get squirrels out; one time the mom squirrel flew out at us.

Another time new squirrel family climbed in attic through attic vents; had babies - lots of them; could hear squeaking and running on ceiling; Lovey somehow captured mom/dad squirrels; baby squirrels died on top of HEAT can imagine the rest.

More squirrel stories, all with the same outcome...death. Lovey always says, "A good squirrel is a dead squirrel." I'll take your mouse :)

lisa said...

I understand...

I once saw a mouse in the yard and I wanted to move immediately. Because if he's out THERE it might eventually occur to him that IN HERE looks more comfortable.

You might read Tale of Despereaux first. Your attitude might soften. And it would be cheaper.