Monday, December 21, 2009

considering joseph

This week's date night consisted of attending El Salvador del Mundo with our friends the Carters and the Curtises (you know, the new alcalde). I had the privilege of sitting betwixt my husband and Sue Curtis, who not only laughed at my jokes but also told me I should take up singing again, and gave me a good idea for the Do-I-or-Don't-I quandary regarding paying my oldest when she babysits my other children.

The show itself was very good, and smoothly run. Something struck me during the show, though, in a way I hadn't considered before, and that is: Joseph's role in this whole thing. Of course we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Of course we laud Mary for all she went through, not the least of which was giving birth amongst farm animals for crying out loud. The shepherds, the wise men, we sing of these folks, even the I'll Play My Drum For You kid (ps, do not sing that song, let's just give it a rest). This year, I'm considering Joseph.

Here's a man, a good man, a hard worker, engaged to be married to Mary (most beautiful and fair). The two of them are going about their lives, working, marriage prep and all that's involved. A noble man. One day, his good bride tells him what had happened to her. Stop here for a second. Put yourself in her position. Imagine having to say the words, to pass along the information.

Go ahead. Imagine it.

Really, think of it.

I'll wait.

Now try to imagine the situation from Joseph's perspective.

What would be your inclination? To believe her? To run? According to the performance the other night, he calmly walked away. The way he turned and walked was very powerful. And then, as we all know...he follwed through, stayed by Mary's side and was an obedient and God-following leader of his own family. I do love the following:

perhaps especially:

What about you? For whom, specifically, from The Christmas Story do you feel a particular affinity this year?


Emily Hill said...

Thank you for the different perspective on the whole story. We do often forget Joseph's faith, love and support of Mary. How many men these days would do the same thing? I too hold a soft spot in my heart for Joseph.

Stephanie said...

i've always had a thing for joseph. i kind of felt bad for him growing up. mary had an angel tell her what was going to happen. the shepards had angels. joseph just had to go by faith.

now i see joseph as an example of strong faith. most of us don't get angels, and neither did joseph. but we can still have faith.

(now i'm afraid that maybe joseph did get an angel or something, and my whole theory will be rocked. but oh well. i'm pretty sure he didn't.)

Fig said...

Dude. I JUST wrote a big old post about Joseph, which I haven't published yet because I don't love it. And it was inspired by someone else's post about Joseph today. Apparently it's Joseph day.

Kalli Ko said...

personally I relate to the donkey, my back hurts, I don't really know what the big deal is other than this huge lady just rode me for like 10 days and I am more than excited to be bunked up in a stable for the night.

I kid.

Joseph is one of those unsung heroes of the scriptures whose role in this entire thing was clutch. So thanks for coming through, and for being an example of what a father truly should be regardless of blood relation.

sue-donym said...

My favorite part of the lecture with Brian Kershishnik was when he spoke about the Joseph part of this painting. I think he captured it perfectly.

wendysue said...

I was an assistant director in our Stake putting on Savior of the World, and instantly fell in love with the music. . .especially the song that Joseph sings right after Mary tells him the news. I'm with you. . .I guess I never considered what a hard position he was in, and the amount of faith it took for him, what a wonderful man, husband and father.

Thanks for the reminder.

beans said...

A camel.

b. said...

Maybe some people don't like The Forgotten Carols, but there's a song on it about Joseph. It is my changed the way I look at Christmas, the birth of our Savior, and Joseph.

Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with b. That song brought Joseph to the forefront for me the first time I heard it and ever after. One of the church nativity presentations (Joy to the World, I think) portrays a scene in which Mary is drinking in her newborn and Joseph is just watching. She realizes this, and holds Jesus up for him to see, then pulls Him back in close, doesn't offer Him over to be held. Every time I see that, I wonder what Joseph felt about the responsibility for this child that was not his, but who was his Savior. I can't begin to imagine.

Travelin'Oma said...

When my daughter and her husband adopted two kids I suddenly thought of Joseph. It's interesting that this method of becoming a parent is represented by him. I liked how you had us think about the whole situation. I wonder how Joseph's parents reacted.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

Kaerlig said...

Thanks for this sweet post. Joseph must have been a special man- honorable and faithful. Jesus was placed in his charge.

I have this painting in my home and it is special to me.