Sunday, November 22, 2009


I know I didn't post yesterday, even though I said I'd post each day this month.

I thought about posting last night, just To Get It Done.

But after a full day of quality time with each kid, plus a nice date with Darin, I found myself in my family room in my pjs, with my kids each wanting to cuddle (even if it's by my feet or holding my hand across someone else's body). I decided to stay put.

Excellent choice.


compulsive writer said...

one of the many things i admire about you is the way you make excellent choices like that.

and enjoy them as well.


Emily Hill said...

I have often felt the guilt of not posting but am learning to listen to the other part of me that reminds me that posting isn't what's most important... I agree, good choice!

Anonymous said...

excellent choice indeed.

i choose my baby over
anything else. every time.

no one told me i would
have such a strong desire
to do so. i haven't shaved
my legs in MONTHS.

p.s. i'm a fellow c jane community
leader : ) nice to meet you.

La Yen said...

Whatever. Second place is first loser. No Fear.

Evie B. said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me. Nothing beats family day, in pj's, couch bound. Snuggles from the chickies can't hurt either!

:) Evonne
(fellow cjane community leader)

Naomi Miles said...

Excellent choice indeed!

Tara said...

There's not a better feeling in this world! Thanks for reminding me I need to let go of everything else and do that more often!

Stephanie said...

An excellent choice indeed. Good for you. :)