Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Homework: Travel Studies Seminar: Taking the Kids

Homework: Share your thoughts on your blog or leave a comment.

~Any ideas for cheap family vacations/stay-cations?

~How have you involved your kids in planning a family vacation?

~Do you have tips for traveling with little kids? Teenagers?

~What do you remember about a family vacation when you were little? What made it fun?

I’m honored to have been mentioned in Travelin’Oma’s post on this topic! To read my post which she referenced, please click here.

In addition, I want to relate a time not long ago when our family desperately needed a break, but were broke, so we got creative. As it turns out, my husband had some accumulated flight miles from having to travel on occasion for work over a number of years. With very little effort, we converted those flight mile points into a certificate to redeem at a hotel in The City (our The City is Salt Lake). We packed up the kids, checked in and arrived in our Room With A View (and balcony, but we were so high up I was terrified to let my kids onto the balcony). We spent the hot August afternoon swimming and enjoying each others’ company. We got takeout dinner, shared Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Fudge for dessert, and even ordered late-night room service snacks. The next morning we checked out of the hotel and went to the zoo. When that got to be too much, we went home.

Not too much, not too little. Perfect to get away, we saved money on our hotel by using flight miles which, let’s be honest, otherwise might not have been used. We even got a discount on getting into the zoo by bringing cans of Dr. Pepper to the ticket booth (we chose cold, filled cans, rather than used empties – and gave them to the ticket booth employees; it was a HOT day, and they were grateful).

Our kids still talk about that one, and ask if we can do it again. Do keep in mind the times when your kids consider Going To A Hotel To Swim a complete vacation.


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Travelin'Oma said...

My favorite vacation as a little girl was staying in a motel by the airport (about 15 miles from my house.) We watched airplanes while we swam in the pool, and my dad even went to work every day. It never occurred to me that we went there because my folks couldn't afford anything else that summer!