Sunday, November 15, 2009

homework: School of Thought Seminar: Post Card NYC

~Prompt: "I'll never forget where I was on 9-11. I . . . "

I’ll never forget where I was on 9/11. I had woken up that morning, what would be fifteen days away from giving birth to my third child. Already anxiety-ridden (having lost my previous baby via stillbirth, and that very anniversary fast-approaching), I was spending my days concentrating on relaxing (yes, that’s right). I woke up with my 2-and-almost-half year old, gave her a bowl with a handful of kix cereal, and sat in the glider in the living room of our apartment to rub my belly and breathe. As was tradition at the time, I turned on channel 5 to watch The Today Show. It was clear that I was watching live coverage and that one of the twin towers was on fire. As I watched coverage, I saw the second plane hit. I could not believe my eyes. I phoned Darin at work to ask if he knew what was going on, and he said that everyone at work was watching coverage on tv. I checked on my daughter and decided that she would be okay long enough for me to take a quick shower. With the warm water falling on me, I did a quick mental inventory of my friends who were, or might have been, in the city at that time. I couldn’t move, and I could feel my anxiety levels rising. I dried off and got dressed, and turned the tv back on to see that one of the towers had fallen. At this point I had to turn the television off, which is just as well since my daughter had put a kix into her left nostril and I had to phone the pediatrician’s office to find out how to remedy that problem (answer: press on right side and have her blow).

Later that day, I remember two things in particular: being in the front yard in the fenced-in play area with the other moms who lived in the same apartment building, spreading the word and taking note of the fact that there were no planes in the sky; and that day, one of the Salt Lake news anchors said, “This is proving to be a day we’ll never forget: September 12th, 2001.” Oops.

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