Thursday, July 16, 2009

the way it goes

We have two vehicles: The Helicrapter (which Darin drives), and Kari (the white minivan in which I live).

Last Saturday, one of the few Saturdays when Darin has to go to work, The Helicrapter crapped out on us.


I drove him up to work in Draper (about 30 freeway miles away), picked him up later, and as he hasn't had a chance yet to go to a junkyard and find a new starter, we've been a one-vehicle family for nearly a week. (Waaaaah, right?)

Yesterday, I drove Darin to Draper then continued on to Ogden, and then drove home; then I drove various places in Provo -- Eastside, Westside, All Around The Town. I drove to Draper to pick Darin up at the end of his work day, and then in the evening drove to Pleasant Grove for a bridal shower. Finally, late at night, I drove to the mall (to see a certain movie, by myself, but the movie was sold out).

Today I drove to the market-and-home, to the bank, straight to The Project, and then home, where Darin had been preparing to attend this weekend's youth conference. He met me in the garage to help unload the kids so that I could go pick up li'l ~j. from dance rehearsal, and . . .

The van wouldn't start.

We looked at each other, completely defeated.

He said to the kids, "Okay, guys, we're going to say a prayer." He offered the prayer, and thanked Heavenly Father for our blessings, and asked that one of our cars would please function so that we could fulfill our responsibilities. The whole time he was praying, I had two thoughts: 1, I'm SO GLAD that this happened in our garage, and not elsewhere, and 2, FaithHopeFaithHopeFaithHope, just trying to channel it so that it would all work out.

Prayer finished. I took a deep breath and turned the key.



Darin said, "Hold on, let me try the Kia."

And it started right up.

Of course it did.


La Yen said...

1. Did the Tots Play Ring Around Rosies? Did London Bridge Come Falling Down?

2. I love you and your faith. Maybe next you can all gather in the garage and say a prayer about buying a new Camaro for Papi.

~j. said...

me and maimey o'rourke.

Gerb said...

This is my favorite kind of story.

Kaerlig said...

Very good story. Love faith and prayers. God is Good.

David said...

Let me fix it. I need the blessings.

La Yen said...

Uh, Scooter Dave? I have INNUMERABLE blessings that you can attain in El Paso...

word verification: Fartat. Because I am a twelve year old boy.

~j. said...

Thanks, everyone.

Dave, A-NY-TIME. Darin gets home tomorrow, and we'll see what works and what doesn't.

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Hmm Ogden and El Paso? I have family in Ogden and live near El Paso. I stumbled upon your blog from Clerissa's. Nice to read about Faith in action - you're right God is good. :)