Friday, March 20, 2009

lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff

Saying goodbye to Darin and the kids on Friday afternoon: Not easy.

Drive to Logan: Long, but not too bad.

Driving soundtrack: Fleetwood Mac, Beyonce, DMB, Guster, Foo Fighters, Rusted Root

Hotel: Cozy.

Surprised to find: Relatives from AZ & IN staying at the same hotel.

Staying up to catch up with cousins: Worth it the missed sleep.

Attending my cousin's son's wedding in the temple: Heart-warming.

Realizing he's the fourth person in my entire family to get married in the temple: Tender.

Packing up at the hotel and getting ready for another drive: Easy-going.

Drive to Salt Lake airport soundtrack: (see above)

Flight to Denver: On time.

Girl next to me: Hates to fly.

Flight to Washington, D.C.: Biggest plane ever.

Sat: Squished in the middle section.

Liked watching: The Office 'Beach Day' episode, and the map telling me where in the world we were.

Flight to Syracuse, NY: Delayed.

Arrived in Syracuse: Almost midnight.

Felt: Pain from not having nursed Atcha since Friday afternoon.

Happy to see: My cousin Caitlin.

Went to: Caitlin and Max's house.

Saw: Seven deer in the backyard.

Loved hearing: Sounds of Nature from my childhood.

Did: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Slight sleep interruption due to: Noisy geese.

Woke up for: A visit from my dad and my uncle.

Went back to: Sleep.

Woke up for: A visit from my cousin Megs and her fiance Roonie, my cousin Sean, and my Aunt Patty.

Ate: Lasagna, Salad, Bread, Rice Krispie Treat.

Was in: So much physical pain.

Wondered: If Atcha could feel my pain from two time zones away.

Tried to: Give myself a mental pep-talk, rationalizing that this would work well, cutting the nursing off cold-turkey, and reminded myself that she takes a bottle from Papi just fine.

Concentrated on: Not thinking about nursing, rather just enjoying my time with family.

Took some: Pictures with and of my cousins.

Vividly dreamed of: Nursing my baby.

Monday brought: A nice walk outside with Dad and Caitlin along country roads; a shower; lunch at a diner; a nap; dinner at a diner, and the concert.

Lead singer's wardrobe changes during the show: 4

Tuesday brought: Getting on the earlier flight to Chicago, and the earlier flight to Salt Lake.

From the plane I saw: My house.

When I got home: I nursed my baby.

Plane ticket: $294

Concert ticket, Floor seat, Center section: $164

The memory of when I flew to New York for a few days with the main purpose of going to see Fleetwood Mac with my cousin:



sue-donym said...

Your friend: jealous.

Glad you got to sleep.

Did Lindsey tell you to say hi to me or anything?

Mrs. Organic said...

You totally get to be a hippie now. Sounds like a a very fun trip.

Brooke Barragan said...

dude i wanna go so bad. how's it without christine though?

compulsive writer said...

Color of tall grass: Green

Color of envy: Green

Color of me: Same shade of Green

(Oh but I am happy you got to go!)

AzĂșcar said...


I'm so glad you went, you deserved it.

Kalli Ko said...

oh the boobies... the pain... the engorgement...

i feel you, even though i am half the milk cow you are. jealousy.

Queen Scarlett said...

Is it weird that my boobs that haven't nursed in a long while is aching just reading this? ;-)

So glad you got to get away and have some YOU time.

lisa said...

I'm glad you had fun...and I'm glad you're back...We've missed you! :)

Shawn said...

I can't believe you made it through all that and was still able to nurse when you got back----ouch!! I can feel the tightness just thinking about it!

Melissa LeVesque said...

Going to Las Vegas next weekend for 4 days. Giving up nursing then, once and for all. Sara turns one this week!

Kaerlig said...

I have pictures with Mick Fleetwood. Could only dream of meeting Stevie Nicks.

susette said...

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swampbaby said...

Fleetwood Mac = AWESOME!

Huge, hurting boobs = you are more woman than me.

Brooke said...

how much i love this: A LOT.

so fun for you...

~j. said...

Thanks, Ladies, for commenting -- I appreciate it.

Boogie -- S&L (tla) compensated nicely in the songs which normally have featured CMcV. It was a nice surprise.

Melissa -- I will be thinking of you! Have you been to Vegas before??

Stepper the Mighty said...

FLEETWOOD MAC???? wow. SO jealous.