Friday, January 23, 2009

NIE AUCTION ITEM #6 - Oil on Canvas: "The Ideal Breakfast"

16 x 22 inches

From the artist: "I painted this from a still life while I was living in Lawrence, Kansas, with my husband and new (first) baby girl 4 years ago. I remember it being cold and dreary outside, and I wanted to paint something that reminded me of summer. So, I set up a little still life and got to work. I think that I like it because it reminds me to make the best of life, whatever it gives you. So, to me, it is more about the sentiment that motivated the painting than the actual painting itself (although I like that, too). It reminds me of Stephanie, as well. Her blog is brimming with real life, day to day examples of how she found the joy in life no matter what. Even when she had to change diaper after diaper, or do loads and loads of laundry, or didn't have a free minute for herself. And now, of course, after the tragic accident, she and her family are still trudging forward, painting summer while it is the dead of winter. I have gained so much strength and hope from following her story that I can only hope to pay it forward a little with the auction of these paintings."

From: Beth Ann Allen

Value: $50